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I had a dream that my coworker

I had a dream that my coworker got shot. I was at work help in a customer and I knelt down for something. I stood up and turned around and thats when I heard the gun go off. I checked myself then I turned to see my coeworker had been shot in the chest. I scream for someone to call 911 and press down on her chest to stop the bleeding. Then I see the same scene from an outside perspective. I watched my coeworker get shot at but then I turned and saw a dark figure running away and then I woke up.....what does this mean?

I dreamt I was at a hospital

I dreamt I was at a hospital visiting someone, but I don't know who it was. I went outside in the back of the hospital to get some air and sat on a bench. It was kind of a wooded area. There was an African American mad sitting on a table holding his newborn baby that his wife had just had. It was a girl. He told me to watch what he was about to do and that if I tell anyone he will kill me and he buried his newborn in a deep hole in the ground. I was so scared. I left. I went home and called 911 and told them what had happened. When they sent police to go dig up the hole, there was in fact a dead baby, however the medical examiner said the baby had been dead in that hole for 23 years. So was it a ghost who told me? Was it a sign? Either way something told me to call and have them check and they found this missing baby after 23 years.

I was at my boss's house and

I was at my boss's house and while I was there I witnessed my friend kill someone. She saw me and tried killing me. She chased me down a beach with a knife so I threw a knife at her and it stabbed her. She pulled it out and continued to chase me. My other friend call 911 and she got arrested.

I was in trouble and needed to

I was in trouble and needed to call 911 for help but every single time my fingers would mess up and dial 411 instead

I was walking my dogs and I

I was walking my dogs and I bumped into a gang that I knew (in the dream) and I was given some strange polystyrene head to wear, so I worn it and at first I couldn't see through it and them eventually I could see the though the filled in eye slots. I then continued to walk my dogs around the corner and then turned back and walked towards the gang again. I was given a pistol an M911 and then I gave it back and the group leader put our masks in our neighbors bush. And hidden the guns. (The gang had a large plain white van). When I returned home my parents were still out so I went through the front door and into the house. My dad or step mam then pulled up in his red work van. I then went outside and on the top step found 5 of my phones (Sony Xperia C 1505) one on top of the other . I picked them up (without being seen) and placed three of them in my empty left pocket, and two in my right pocket which already had my phone in it. I then went back in the house and I think that was the rest of the dream it just feels like I stayed stood in the house then my dad woke me up because I missed my alarm by like 3 minutes.

I'm walking home at night in the

I'm walking home at night in the dark from a high school graduation when I see a man out in his back yard with something. Turns out to be a dog the bolts from him and runs over to me and tries to follow me. I keep walking but further up the road see a wanted poster on a street sign for a dog that looks a lot like the one who is still with me no man in sight, but I heard a vehicle start up a bit ago. I run about 2miles to my house dig isn't with me after mile one has gone a different way. I get home wonder about calling pice but don't have a good discription of guy or house so leave it alone. In the morning I am suddenly in a different house with a small baby boy and a man who I instinctively know is the one that had the dog and he lays the baby on the bed and walks down the hall while I hide in a spare bedroom but can see his face. I also see I picture taken of what appears to be the baby's room with a it's a boy banner, police, and congratulations with the parents names on it. The baby has been missing for 3 years, but isn't over a few months in my dream. I also know the man is going to get a knife and the baby has made no noise this entire time. I text 911, but wake up when I hit send.

I dreamed that I found a little

I dreamed that I found a little girl with blond hair and she couldn't find her family. I promised her that we would find her family. There was a lady with dark brown hair who had originaly handed me the child and said that the child needed help. We walked around the shopping mall trying to look for her family but were unsuccessful. I asked her if she had her coat but we could not find the coat. I also had difficulty finding my coat but the lady with the dark brown hair gave me my coat. I took my sweater and wrapped it around the little girl to keep her warm. We were going down the escalators and I turned by back for a minute and the lady with the dark brown hair turned me around and her hand was covered in blood. I then looked at the little girl and she had blood smeared on the inside of her thighs. The lady told me that I needed to get out of the mall and hide the little girl. I said that the little girl was bleeding and that I was going to need to get her help. I picked the little girl up and started taking her to my car. I didn't have a car seat and called 911 emergency services and told them about having found the little girl and that she was bleeding and that I was taking her to the hospital. The lady kept telling me to follow her and that I should hide the girl. The little girl with the blond hair saw that the lady with the dark hair put a rag in the back seat of the car and she kicked it out of the car. I drove to the hospital and explained to the doctors what had happened and the little girl confirmed that I was trying to help her. I woke up.

I was with mihir and vamsi one

I was with mihir and vamsi one night doing stupid stuff as usual and I was running around the street but then a car going like 394748494 mph almost ran us over but it stopped right before it hit us The person driving the car ended up being Sanjana and she was with two guys Mihir was like shit is this a hookup And she didn't say anything, just had a guilty face on and drove away with the two freaky looking white men So I came back to her dorm and susmita was her roommate and I was looking around trying to find answers And I found out that she and shamaas broke up and susmita and Sanjana were eating some type of candy It was weird candy But then A (pretty little liars) showed up and took a candy of the same color that Sanjana was eating (pink), and mixed some chemical in it, basically drugging Sanjana who eventually ate it And then the two white men showed up and she just left So I went and called 911 but susmita was telling me not to and that we should just find her But I said we should have 911 looking for her too But when I called 911, there was some type of group call where some lady was tellin them about her breakup and 911 wasn't helping with my case at all So we both ran to find Sanjana but then in the dream, the person switched to manasa And we found manasa and Moni(her cousin) came too, back to the dorm And manasa's parents were there And manasa was like my parents knew we were fighting and the scene switched to my house where everyone was cooking and manasas dad was yelling at manasa and monisha I was making paneer o.o And then the scene switched and I was at some lake resort water park with my baby cousins and manasa and family And no one could fit into this one tunnel path thing...except for my baby cousin And she went over and came back because I yelled at her to and then my mom was like YOURE ON YOUR PERIOD WHY ARE YOU IN THERE and that was the end of the dream

My husband and I are walking a

My husband and I are walking a country road. A man pulls up in an old pickup and starts talking to my husband. Suddenly he gets out if his truck and killed my husband! I ran down the road to a farm house. An old lady was outside and saw everything. She tried to stop the man from getting me, but he killed her too. As I ran into her house I locked the front door and found a phone to call 911... Then I woke up.