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Last night I dreamt that I was

Last night I dreamt that I was in a building with several groups of people (almost as if the groups were going to have some sort of competition) at each station (opened room) there was a window or opening that allowed u to get into a large pool of water (I'm not sure how the building would not flood upon opening window, bc it was similar to an aquarium, like you are under ground somewhat and can see the animals swimming... Except there were no animals in my dream, just a clear, calm large pool/tank of water)... My group was getting ready and we had a human head (no body, just head) to use for the competition... The head looked exactly like a human head of a man (not sure who he was) except his head was almost robotic or like a computer of some sorts filled with all the knowledge we would need... Although this head looked just like a real human, when he opened his eyes they would looked like electrical green computer codes lighting up and uploading to the brain (which I could not see the brain just had a sense that's how it worked) someone came by and told us to get ready to start soon... I think 1 teammate walked outside and we were going to send someone to get him and we decided to also walk over to the middle of the building to a community closet charging station to put our "head" on a charger before we began to make sure it was fully charged... We felt confident that we were going to win... We left the head charging and saw our last teammate walk in and were talking with him and began walking back over to our group station and as we did we looked out into the pool of water and saw that someone from an opposing team dropping our "head" into the pool... 1 of our teammates ran outside and was about to dive in to get the head so maybe we could salvage it.. We were all upset and knew that the water would ruin the technology we needed in the head to win... At the same time my teammate was diving in the water from the top, my other teammates opened the window and I swam through it thinking I would help, our head had made it to the bottom of the pool by this time and as my teammate and I made the swim to the head, he picked up and as soon as he did blood starting gushing out from the base/neck of the head and I was confused why the head without a body and full of technology would have human blood in it and grossed out that I had to swim through it... I closed my eyes and silently told myself I could do it, just keep swimming back to the window and I would be okay and we would figure it out... As I began to swim towards the window under water, I could feel that I was swimming through the warm blood and was feeling grossed out, but kept telling myself I could do it, I was almost there. And I finally made it back to the window opening and opened my eyes and saw my teammate holding the head and a cloud of red blood in the water, I helped him get inside with the head first, then I swam through the window back inside... And then I woke up my dream and have wondered why I would dream something like this... I was not scared in my dream and I was not scared upon waking... I am just curious as what this dream could mean and what I can learn from it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

my dream started when a couple of

my dream started when a couple of my friends and I decided to have an outing, without any idea, one of my gay friend brought me to a seawharf where my other friends are there, suddenly, there's this guy who is my classmate that is not in my friend that caught up my attention and i called him yelling at his name while hugging him and he hugged me back that makes my heart beats so fast but unexpected things happen when he pushed me to the seawater that is so clear and honestly speaking i have a phobia of seas and oceans but in the dream, i found myself breathing underneath the 10-feet crystal clear seawater and we decided to go to my place and we got wet by a rain but we seem to enjoy it, and when we finally reach my place, there's a big aquarium where my neice is in it and the aquarium is filled with water so i get in and talk to my neice, when i decided to get out to change clothes, i just found that my friends were playing in our virtual aquarium and when they're gone, i just noticed that our house is completely wet due to the raindrops falling on our ceiling

A dolphin came to my house, and

A dolphin came to my house, and was too dry because it was out of water so I healed it by covering it in water from buckets I filled up to help it, and gently stroked the dolphin until it felt better. Then my parents called an animal center to help the dolphin get back to the ocean. The dolphin would come visit every few days until finally once I ran outside, running to catch the dolphin before it went back into the woods (where it was living?) and yelled, and it heard my voice and turned around and we were running towards each other but then the aquarium came and sucked up the dolphin into this giant spaceship and I was horrified.

randy , larry, denis, and I go

randy , larry, denis, and I go to the LB aquarium we are out in the part where the open pools are you can touch the very small sharks and other things, then I see a cute little ray like 8 inches and reach to touch it.. we are standing right up next to the tank suddenly a huge shark, like 10 ft is in this 2 ft deep tank, and as im touching th ray grabs my hand, and eats all the fingers of my left handlol Denis jumps to action and throws his SHOE off and ties off my hand ... with his SOCK! Denis = "WHO THE BLOODY HELL PUT A GIANT SHARK IN THIS TANK?"directed at the girl in charge of the tank Denis = "then looking at me says "AREN YOU SMARTER THAN THAT TO PET A 10FT SHARK, GOOD GOD WOMAN LOOK AT YOUR HAND" Randy= is screaming in the background and flailing himself at things like a scene from airplane and said something to the effect of" oh the humanity!" Larry = is frozen standing and staring at us, but cannot move or speak i can finally open my mouth to yell "SHARK! Denis = "says good lord its a bit late for that dont you think?