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My former boyfriend and i was back

My former boyfriend and i was back together but then we lost something and went looking for it in some kind of big building and a lot og stuff happend and we got accused of some shit and i dont really got what happend but then suddenly i was in the hospital later found out it was becaus i had been overdozed on pills and sleept for many days, but at the same time my ex was the one behind my hospitalstay and had caused some explotion at the big building. Then the people at the hospital tried to kill me and a lot of shit happend. Since i had been sleeping for days i also woke up and was suddenly super skinny. A lot of stuff happend at the hospital and i managed to escape. Then i was back in my town and met my ex boyfriend againat at party that my old best friend hosted. A lot of shit happend here as well, we were drunk driving around doing some kind of competition. I tried to avoid my ex since what happend erlier but he just kept coming around and suddenly we were talking and i was saying everything on my mind to him (things that i have on my mind about him when awake. we just got a little in touch again in real life as well, but he has not changed so i try to stay away.) Then suddenly we were good friends but he told me he liked me still but was banging some other girl, but it was nothing to him. Then he forced me to let him meed my parents agein (they hate him in real life). When the dream stops.

I dreamed I was trapped/locked in a

I dreamed I was trapped/locked in a room, and a woman stranger wouldn't let us leave, and I remember having to use the bathroom. My sister and another stranger girl were sleeping beside me in bed, but the woman with the key was awake. I remember feeling not being any to fight her. I can't remember how, but I think I knocked her out and stabbed her leg to make sure she was dead; but there was only a little bit of blood. My sister and the other girl still didn't wake up. I remember being scared about what would happen when we were let out of the room, or when they woke up. In the dream, I remember saying, "I waited so long to do this." Then my mom unlocks the door to the room.

I was inside of a dark building.

I was inside of a dark building. Every minute I spent in there, it got darker. There seemed to be no way to get in this building, and no way to get out. There were no doors and no windows. There were also exit signs that weren't lit up. I tried following them to find a staircase, but there were no stairs. There seemed to be people that worked there, but you couldn't tell what they looked like. Additionally, they also whispered inaudible things as I walked or ran by. There was only one other victim, other than me. I remember bumping into him. He sounded very distraught, but he was still rational. He seemed to be on the brink of insanity. But when I talked to him, he seemed to have calmed down. He was very hungry. He kept telling me how hungry he was, and if I had found food. I told him I'd help him, but we went our separate ways. The strange thing about this place was that it was very factory-looking. There was no operating machinery, or sounds...but almost everything was made of metal or sheet metal. It looked like a hospital or a hotel. I remember there being a lot of elevators. All the ones I tried didn't work. Some of them were out of order, and others looked too terrifying to even try. Almost every single one had a mirrored ceiling. None of them worked right at all and each one got more sinister looking as I had found more and more of them. But there were no stairs. I remember specifically not trusting the elevators and wanted to find a stairway. I never did. The last elevator I tried was interesting. It could only go from floor 6 to floor 7. I had no idea what floor I was on. Be it 6 or 7. I never had a chance to reach another floor on the top or the bottom. I could only tell this elevator could go to either one, and it only had the two buttons, whereas the other elevators had several to choose from. I tried to use this elevator. It didn't work. The last thing I remember was finding a source of light. I frantically traveled through rooms to find a way out. The light looked promising but I couldn't tell if it was a window or just a hole in the wall, because the entire place was getting darker and darker and I could no longer make anything out...I only saw a light. When I tried to look through to see what was on the other side, the entire wall of that room shattered like glass and I fell out of the building. I was definitely not on a 6th or 7th floor. I was very high up and I appeared to be falling to my death. Instead of staying in the dream to see the impact, my fall was interrupted by everything turning black again. Then I heard the most realistic groan I have ever heard in my life. I don't know if it was me waking up or my unconsciousness putting that sound in my head, but it startled me awake. Even though the sound was disturbing, I was relieved to be out of that dream.

I was burning down and robbing a

I was burning down and robbing a house with my family, I knew it was wrong and I kept telling my family that but they didnt listen, so i continued to help them. The house belonged to a kid that use to be my friend. I also kept telling myself to wake up but i couldnt, I was convinced I was awake and my dream was really happening. After we were done looting the place we burned down the house. There were 2 dogs inside which loved us but we burned them with the house and my family didnt care all to much. I was the only one in the family that cared. I ended up running home, but when I stated running in my dream, I was on a road in Connecticut that led up to my ex girlfriends house. but when I got to the end of the road I ended up at my house in Maryland, where I live currently. When I woke up from the dream I wasnt sure if it had really happened or not. During my family burning down this house all I wanted to do was to be home one more night and not go to jail or get caught by the police for burning down this house. I kept telling myself to wake up and since I couldnt wake up I figured what must be happening is real and that if I could just get one more night in my house everything would be okay.