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I saw few dogs in my backyard

I saw few dogs in my backyard barking ferociously at me and my wife. A black dog was lying there and was perhaps dead or rotten. The other dogs looked rabid and one of them was even trying to get inside through the door. My wife and I somehow didn't let the dog get in and locked the door from inside. I then saw my 3 year old kid in the backyard and among the dogs. He was surrounded by them but was smiling as it he was at ease. I saw I was trying to get out to save him from the rabid dogs and I woke up perspiring heavily!

I was checking the mailbox and when

I was checking the mailbox and when i walked up to go back.in the house this small black dog was barking and growling at my toes like he was tryna bite me i tried to hit the dog with a phone book that i had in my hand but that didn't work he still came after me

In my dream i seeing a a

In my dream i seeing a a dog inside a temple and i am giving god's neckless to the dog one dog outside the temple and i want to away from this dog i am giving god 's fuits to him because he his barking

I was in bed, and I was

I was in bed, and I was woken up by the sound of my Uncle's dog barking (but I was in my own house), he was barking at me, then at the window in my bedroom that faces the garden. So, I get up and look outside, and in my dream instead of my house being right in the corner (end) of the street, there was a house to it's left and on the roof connecting the two, was a baby. A baby boy, I think, he was smiling one minute and the next he was falling off the roof. I then called for my mum and ran down the stairs and instead of running straight to the garden, I ran to the front of the house first and looked around. I not sure, what for ? Then I ran towards the garden and saw the baby laying face down dead in the garden. In the dream I knew the neighbour who's child that was, and watched as she was told what happened to her baby. The next thing I know, I'm awake in my bed crying.