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I had a dream that I went

I had a dream that I went to a camping area in the middle of Saint John, NB, Canada and stayed in a cabin with my parents, aunt Vickie, grandparents and great-grandmother. So I decided to go to arcade room/coffee shop and got a bottle of water and then the cashier gave me a penny , then somehow I ended up in Walmart.... So then I walked around Walmart and has an obsessive need to find Yu-Gi-Oh cards and couldn't find them, so then I spotted my cousin and her dad and said hi. Strangely my cousin was around 15ft. tall. So I left the store and walked around Saint John and found a mall with retardedly low ceilings. So I walked around and found an old Japanese guy that paints in the dark and looked at his paintings of Marisa Kirisame (Touhou Character) and wanted to buy one but only had 40$ and a penny, so I left. Then a man started stalking me outside on the street and I ran and got lost. It started to get dark. Then I found and told a group of 3 kids my age that I got lost so I went to one of their houses to call my parents. Then there phone wasn't working and I made a cellphone out of earwax... but it didn't work so I asked if they had a cellphone but they didn't. All of a sudden, two people I know (one a girl and one a boy) walked though the door and hugged me, then I asked if they brought a phone and the guy said no and the girls wasn't working. So then I remembered I had a cellphone with me the whole time and tried to call my parents but then some random GPS opened on the screen and there was a red arrow on the screen to the campsite, but I was too scared to walk back in the dark. Then I appeared in front of the cabin and my dad was roasting a marshmallow on the ground beside the campfire then a giant wasp beetle flew out of a tree beside our cabin scared me, so I went inside... end of my dream.