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Me and my ex boyfriend got back

Me and my ex boyfriend got back together and then had a big fight over me being late to dinner with his parents. His parents were really rude to me and then he dumped me. Then we went somewhere and came back to his house and he was robbed, but he was so calm about it.

Im in a hotel that i have

Im in a hotel that i have been before i am running down the stairs with my friend nicole everyone is dressed except me im in my pjs we go to have breakfast. it ends up being late and we all have to go to bed i am sharing a room with this boy who is my best friend. There is only one bed so we lay back to back. in the morning everyone says did you here foot steps last night? mike (my best friend) says yeah! everyone had heard them except me. its night again some of the girls were wearing babygrows animal ones. they asked me to stay with them so i did. my sister comes and says louise you have got to come and see this and runs off i stay if i went we would get locked out the room mike is looking at me from his door and smiles and some reason i blew him a kiss? i went back inside and i hear everyone screaming and running i feel strange i ask where the hell is my sister?! the door is open my room mates have gone to find her one of them stays with me. The teacher walks in and grabs me she is comforting me. a girl dressed in blue and brown hair said 'IM RINGING HOME!' the teacher says please! dont shush! and she focuses on me and says dont to worry.. in my mind i have figured out she was dead my sister was dead i burst out crying and mike rushes in and comforts me.

I dreamed that my boss sat at

I dreamed that my boss sat at my desk and me at hers. A colleague rushed to the line and my supervisor complained of me being late. I argued that I was on time.