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We were at school preparing for the

We were at school preparing for the cross country and for some reason there were two teams of students. I was on one with my friend Clare and on the other team were some different friends too. But it was also a race to the cross country place by bicycle for the teams. And there were these weird things with a carriage that had to be pushed or pulled bye some one on the bike. Anyway i was on the bike pushing the carriage and starting to exit high school. I could feel my self falling from the bike because i was holding the carriage with one hand and it was pulling me off of the bike. I somehow managed to not be pulled off of my bike and ended up in front of the carriage. I had sped out the gates and some boys yelled something but i couldn't here what it was. Then i used the breaks. They weren't the best and i stopped and looked around. Clare came up behind me and told me there had been an accident. I rode back a bit then dumped the bike and went to see what was going on. I saw a boy from my year called Jedha M. He was doing this weird stressing out thing. Constantly moving his hat and shaking one leg up and down kinda. His eyes looked like they were tearing up and i didn't know why. I went and talked to him and i found out that Jedha's twin brother had been the one in the accident and had gotten hurt. I then saw Scotty, a teachers aid, put his gloved hand into a puddle of water and when he drew his hand out it hand out it was covered in blood.I then saw Jasper, (the twin from the accident) sitting on a concrete slab with cuts on his face and blood around. Scotty was on one knee in front of him with a scalpel and was digging the cuts with it. Obviously trying to get dirt and infections out. I asked Jedha if they had any gauzes yet and he said no, then i asked him if he wanted to get them. He said yes and we went past Jasper and i asked if he was alright before going to get some gauzes for the wound. We were just heading under a passage way towards the office when Scotty appeared and he was carrying gauzes. His eyes were watering so i asked if he wanted me and Jedha to take them. He nodded and past over the gauzes,scissors and some sort of healing ointment i think. He then walked away with watering eyes. Jedha and I were heading back to where Jasper was when my friend Leon appeared and he looked so sad then when i asked what had happened he told me he thought i hated him because i didn't...... I don't remember what happened next anymore but its not the first time I've had a dream where Jasper and Jedha were in it. Oh and did i mention that it was raining and the school was starting to flood the entire time in this dream?.