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I was at school just wandering around.

I was at school just wandering around. Chelsea the person from our Youth and Family waster. I saw Mr. Cap who was a special ed teacher, A bunch of people were doing different things. I was in the hallway. Ms. Flaming, the school secretary, was injured. Her leg was folded backwards and in a cast. I was at one of ballroom dance competitions in Las Vegas. The building the competition was held in was a hospital. My grandmother was laying there in a bed because I found out she was in a bomb accident. Ms. Flaming waist the bed next to her. My grandmother was fine. She told me about the accident and how there was this guy who had a suitcase in there hospital room. He put the suitcase in a spot and later on it exploded. She said this without concern. My grandmother had explained this situation with a random suitcase. I got nervous and thought it would explode. We had to go say goodbye my dance instructor. In the ballroom, I saw him, and hugged him then left. My grandparents and I were in a car and then I realized I left my phone in my grandmother's hospital room. They were both ok with it and said we could turn around, but I was so nervous that we were going to get bombed. Fast forward....... We were in the car in a city, kind of like New Haven, CT. I'm pretty sure I thought I was in Las Vegas though. When I left to get into a car, it warlike leaving an airport

I dream of a bear falling from

I dream of a bear falling from the sky and when it hit the ground it was a bomb so we ran just befor it blew up but there was another bear that was runing away in the wood

I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was dreaming, and in that dream I was standing about 100 feet away from an airport and I saw a plane crash into the airport and I tried to move away but then out of nowhere, a bomb dropped right next to me and I died and then I woke up from that "dream" and I was inside an airport. I tried to warn people that a plane was going to crash here, but they wouldn't listen. So I ran to the same place I was at before in the other "dream" and saw the plane crash again. So I moved back some so that if the bomb dropped again, it wouldn't kill me. But it still landed next to me and I was blown up and died and then I woke up.

A meeting with one of my favourite

A meeting with one of my favourite actors, I decide to dress up as characters from his show and act like them, but then I accidently activate a nuclear bomb and we swim through the tsunami into a jungle where we start to build treehouses and swing from branches, kinda like Tarzan. Then, I'm invited to an American hotel, I meet some of my friends there, but then it's attacked by gunmen at first we run but then I decide I'm not going to waste time, I'm going to fight them so we go to find guns from a local military base. Finally, I'm moving home and I'm with these people that I've never met. I chill with them and go round to meet my other flatmate who lives in an imposing house next door to us, it's like a gothic mansion. Both houses are in a secluded area. A man comes to the door but then I hear something really strange and as I don't like haunted houses, I leave my friend there. Later on, after explaining I think it's haunted, my friend comes to our door saying that there's a recording of the owner being a murderer explaining things about trying to find a new killer, a successor, the house has weird lights and rooms are lit up in different colours from yellow to red and we can hear cackles and screams from the recording of the murderer's actions. I decide lets call the police but my phone's running out of battery and I'm worried about staying there and ringing on the house phone. Then, a guy comes along with his daughter and we deduce they are possibly the possessed spirit of the murderer and his possessed daughter, both of whom are dead. I leave the house, and two others join me as it's dark as we need to call the police and it's dark and we're afraid of the dark in horror situations. Then my dream ended.

Terrorist attack in home town on my

Terrorist attack in home town on my way to work. the dx office was the bomb shelter. everyone screaming and running. bombs dropping everywhere. very noisy.

3 bomb threats in my city. The

3 bomb threats in my city. The first is at my hideout where my best friends are. I drive to save them but the semi full of bombs is there. I decide to run in. I get luck as it blows up and I am fine. my hang out is ruined. I go inside and get a piece of clothing from all of my dead friends. I Line the bodies up and the bags together. I cut my hand the shape of a heart. All my family and friends are dead. I commit suicide. I wake up bomb threat 2. Im in my best friends car with my father and my other friend. I am relived they are alive and I see another bomb. It explodes and I wake up in my mothers car getting mexican food and running from the bomb. It explodes at my house. All I can say knowing my friends, family, and house is destroyed is "this food is yummy"

Ms Duffy was in my dream and

Ms Duffy was in my dream and she was making postcards for the senior class and I was helping her pick out seashells to put on them but she only wanted small umbonium shells. Then I moved into a different room and started to kayak with our english class except they were all in a boat that looked like a monster truck. The place I was kayaking in my dream were lakes at the base of huge mountains/islands covered in snow.(I dreamed about kayaking in this same place a few nights before as well.) The lake was really cloudy and a dark grey. Then we were hunting for food, in the dream i had in this place a few nights before i was hunting manatee, but in this dream I found a bomb casing but it was filled with supplies.We all got back to the begining room and I pulled out a container of gunpowder looked at it and woke up.