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Sitting in my childhood kitchen with my

Sitting in my childhood kitchen with my mother and deceased father and deceased grandmother. they served me two fried eggs. my daughter enters the house and I offer her one of my eggs. the egg turns into a creamy texture. My daughter turns her back on us and makes herself lunch. the kitchen wall turns into a brick wall with a window. my deceased cousin appears and motions me to meet him outside. all the colours are brown. I go outside and he is gone.

My mother and I were just getting

My mother and I were just getting back from the store. We are carrying groceries in brown paper bags from the car. Just as I step on the first step into our house, i look back and see my mom get stabbed on the crown of her head by and old man in a hospital gown wielding chopsticks for a weapon. He then attacks me, i don’t know if i do or just become paralyzed because i am on th ground and cannot move, but i can still see.

Was sitting in a large room, there

Was sitting in a large room, there was alot of people in the room which had a white floor, every one was talking and joking around. a old friend approached me and sat a large brown bag down next to me. she said there was 3 gifts in it for me. the first gift i opened i just knew was a switch blade n it was,someone said oh wow nice a switch blade i always wanted a stiletto. i replied i have a stiletto. the second gift was a unique am fm radio, the third idk what it was

Dreaming of a young black female, with

Dreaming of a young black female, with brown eyes white facial war paint in a traditional tribal outfit. stops looks and me, smiles and walks away.

Needed to go to bathroom. Got to

Needed to go to bathroom. Got to toilet and saw a purse brown with a green handle in the toilet. Pulled it out. Then attempted to go again but another purse was in the toilet. Same as the first.

My mom who is passed away was

My mom who is passed away was at the house and she needed cake mix a white or yellow mix with some swirl of brown in it and vanilla icing. we did not have it so we went to the store she drove and as we are going down a road we see medic vehicles as we drive past we see a man being laid on a stretcher his arm was gone just below the shoulder. we enter the store she gets coffee for us both turns and hands me a small cup of coffee. i look at this small cup and am bewildered because i always have a huge coffeee. she then disappeared

I had a dream and there was

I had a dream and there was a woman in this long wooden house and it was dark in the house and I seen one of my daughters waving a flashlight around then there was a knock on the door and I left then I was in the yard and a car pulled up I said let me use your phone there was a woman wearing dark sunglasses who gave me the phone but then the woman in the house came out and the woman driving a car with dark sunglasses snatched the phone and I said if it was your baby wouldn’t you want someone to help the woman in the house camw up to me and said this is her stuff but I knew something was wrong because she would have came out for me and I forced myself past this woman and went into the house where I seen a hall way and then a bathroom on the left with a bath tub and my daughter was face down in the bath tub with brown stuff by her face and butt and I picked her up and said she’s gonna make it she’s gonna make it and started praying

I was at the ralph getting done

I was at the ralph getting done with hockey practice but it was a younger me. My grandpa came to pick me up from practice and as we were walking outside my grandpa handed me a bowl of grapes in a pink bowl. We walked to him truck and heard a roar i turned around and there was a massive brown bear behind me. It was taller than the ralph and very scary looking. It could also talk, it asked me for my grapes, i said no because i was hungry after practice. My grandpa got mad at me and told me i needed to give the bear my grapes or else the bear would eat us. So i gave the bear my grapes and it stomped away destroying everything in its path.