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I was in my daycare but is

I was in my daycare but is was just one big building painted tan with nothing in the room except for a few toys for the kids and a train track running through it. i didn't recognize anyone there except for my one friend. Then the teachers came running into the building yelling at us to get on the bus as half of a bus build up on the train tracks. We ran to grab our backpack that just randomly appeared. Running behind the teachers were like meat creatures. One of them picked me up before i got on the bus and was about to eat me when i said dont eat me eat my friend so it put me down and i got on the bus and he went a grabbed my friend everyone made it on the bus except my friend at the bus pulled away from the building and i saw the meat creatures holding on to my friend.

Was on a class field trip to

Was on a class field trip to a planetarium. The sky was full of bright nebulae and planets. While I was in the building meteors shot through the ceiling. I ran away and woke up as i was running

I was at my house and it

I was at my house and it was all the sudden a lab. So me, ashlynn my closest friend, and parker my former crush and a random guy I don’t know. My principle sent us there so we can test out a new device that can tell when a natural disaster will come. Each person there tested the item. When it came to me and Ashlynn my close friend, it said “no natural disasters known” soon I got impatient and asked her if we can leave. Right when I say that the device says “tsunami and fire will come” so me and ashlynn show the others. We go into my loft and started building pillow walls, thinking that will hold the fire and tsunami off. Then ashlynn my close friend said to me “we should bury you in pillows sense you have asthma so it will make the fire go away” and the natural disasters never came.

I'm in a new apartment standing at

I'm in a new apartment standing at the kitchen island. My fiance is eating, and I'm staring out the window with brick wall. An unknown girl who makes no effort to hide herself comes in through the window and steals a bag from the chair. My fiance is unfazed by this, and I go out the window. I end up on a roof and the girl appears around the corner with a knife saying she wants to kill me. I try grabbing the knife and we both have a grip on it. She takes one of her hands and presses it on the blade while laughing. I ask what she was doing. And four figures with no face appear. I mention what they want is at my workplace. One of the four lets me use their phone to call a taxi and the dream ends with a taxi showing up. The second part of the dream has me sitting in a car and the same girl comes out of the building, peering into the car windows. She comes over to the driver side, I don't look back but I can see in the reflection that they're upset.

I was making out with a male

I was making out with a male celebrity and then ended up at a concert. A lot of people from my high school were there and one girl gave me exciting news that made me telepathically blow up a building. Then the salad I was eating because rotten and filled with spiderwebs. Then two girls walked past me all in white and then came back dressed in all black