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rough waves dark water moonlit night mountain

rough waves dark water moonlit night mountain relfected in the lake the swan swimming to shore parting gone i gave him white pearl he left with a red balloon i got a red football dived into the water turned into dolphin flew out as a swan went back to jas asked again are you sure he looked angry and sad but said gone he had a spot light on him he climed up a mountain i went back to beach lit a fire treid to meditate camel appeared in minds eye went back gave pink roses and fish to

weirdest dream ever...we were part of a

weirdest dream ever...we were part of a triathlon in france; that ended in Jaisalmer, India. The first section was on camel, the second section was barefoot running. During the second part we found out that the police were after us. You ran into a little shop to hide but then when I stepped in there was a random man inside who didn't know which door you had gone through. It was now like a massive student house with loads of doors/levels and covered in anarchy/protest posters. I went down to the basement and Mark Webber was in there with a scale model of the landscapes we had to cross trying to work out the best way in to Jaisalmer fort. After discussion with him I decided to continue on my own because I couldn't find you. I don't know if I got there or found you because I woke up.

In my dreams it is as if

In my dreams it is as if i am watching a movie in which most of the time one or few characters are played by me. Last night i dreamed.... I am in a car like Audi SUV with two of my friends and we three a going to meet some person whom i don't know. we are on a huge highway on which very few other vehicles cross us. there is this beautiful music is going on something like still slow peaceful trance, and we instantly are in middle of barren land where we stopped and got out of the car and started looking around then i head something and with was like a sound of the bell and then my friend said they are here and as i turned my head i saw a man on the camel in pure white and the sound was coming from the camel neck ring and they kept coming near, when the camel finally reached the man came down from the animal and said to my friend turn towards me, "He is your last hope to save the world and life force in this universe", i was a bit confused and little surprised as i didn't knew anything as why are we here and what we are doing but just moving with the flow. The man had covered his face in a cloak while said that my second friend commented "are you sure master", then that man removing his cloak from face said "their is absolutely no doubt he is the one", than i saw his face an angelic being with most beautiful texture and light emitted from the face of this being and i felt peaceful as if i know him from long time then a forceful wind blew and an unforgettable sweet fragrance came from him. He came near me put his right hand on my shoulder and said "just be yourself, you will remember and you will be ready". I was just feeling relaxed and peaceful, the man said you must go now, my first friend who brought us their talk with him for couple of seconds alone before the man left saying 'we will meet again and yeah just remember'. We are again in the car this time moving very fast but i relaxed but suddenly our car got hit and as we where in mountainous calif road, we went down straight into the river. While falling my second friend quickly opened the door of the car before going into the water and as we hit the water, they where able to manage to get out into water but i didn't knew swimming, even though i managed get out of car in the river but everything was quick still i was unable to help myself but neither i tried had as if i was ready to die and i started sinking in the water and i had the sound of water as if was like a huge instrumental song been played to me to help me sleep and i saw glimpse as if my friends are yelling my name and trying to swim down to save me but its too late. I am dead, am i, who am i, what am i, why am i, the basic question i thing infinitely raised in my childhood but i knew the answers some how i just don't remember, ...... yes now i remember .... 'i am ... ' i have all the answers to my question, as if just forgot that by some distraction and the very important thing i didn't remember but now i remember and understood what that man meant. now i opened my eyes and i am at the bottom of the river bed and saw bright light of sun hitting the surface of the river, i just stood and pushed up my self as i am a born swimmer. And when i came to the surface of river i saw my friends crying for not able to save me. I moved towards them and said "my friends why do you cry when death is just transition from one existence to another level". They were shocked to here my voice and as the looked where unable to believe their eyes, both said together in one voice you were there (under the water) for more than one hour and how? I said there are some mysteries if understood and realized there are no barriers to one. I took their hands in mine and flied in the air saying i know where we need to be. They were amazed and didn't believe their eyes and said 'who are you', and i replied "your friend who just remembered".