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My ex boyfriend came to visit me

My ex boyfriend came to visit me from over seas and he came back with a child. My ex was really small and skinny as if he was a child himself. His child was sitting on my bedroom floor watching tv as my ex boyfriend had disappeared

Dream of getting hunted done by all

Dream of getting hunted done by all the children in the town to hurt and kill myself, it was first started at school when some rich fat bitch caught me cutting myself he drove me crazy and he found out that my mum abused me, my dad was the only person I could trust but he touches me, it excalated so bad until every single kid was put to see me kill myself, I had a moment with a kid who understood how I felt but they jumped and killed themselves, no adult would listen to me

I had a dream that I told

I had a dream that I told my niece to write the types of love for me but she couldn’t do it because she’s still a child I angrily take her to her mom my sister and report her and leave my sister comes to me and my mom explaining that she didn’t do it because my niece didn’t know how to not because she didn’t want to I got angry and refused to forgive my niece and lied that she did the writing of love last year I then refuse to baby sit and caused chaos in the house my sister then goes to work but calls my mom to talk to me to please forgive and watch my niece I go out to an event expecting to catch my crush lying to me but when I got there he was telling the truth that he wasn’t there I then rush into love with a stranger get married and heart broken then my sister says don’t rush

I went on a roadtrip with my

I went on a roadtrip with my old professor and some kids I never met before and I accidentally chocked one of them. After that I went with my current classmates in the center of our natal city and after this trip our teacher was so mad at us that she split the class in two. After I went home I had a party with my family and my mother was dead, and the party was right across my childhood home that has been in the family for generations but it was in a totally different place and painted pink

Childhood home looked exactly like it did

Childhood home looked exactly like it did when I was a kid. My girlfriend that I’m with now was in it but not growing up. I couldn’t wake up and something kept turning water and lights on in other room She was scared I heard her but couldn’t wake up

I dreamed of exactly what I've experienced

I dreamed of exactly what I've experienced for decades. I saw myself living life as I exactly would and have in the future, and that future is now. The Future was the past, the past was the future, and the present is both the past and the future at the same time reoccurring in reality. Was it truly a dream? I was asleep. But unlike normal dreams, I could taste, smell and even hear the thoughts, feel the chemistry changes in my brain and feel the emotions I would have in the future. I have the same spouse and children now as I saw I would. That took over 20 years to come to fruition. I even saw the dreams I would have in the future, therefore I was having dreams within my dreams. And now I'm reliving all of it.

I dreamed I just got married and

I dreamed I just got married and myself and my husband and all of our deceased parents, children, brothers, sisters helped us move into a huge farm house with a big pantry and an old coalstove with a new built in electric oven in rhe centre of the coal stove