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I was at school, and it must

I was at school, and it must have been one of the last days of school, because there was no order to the day, everybody was just eating and hanging out and doing nothing. Then, everybody started preparing for a crisis of some sort. I remember going out into the hallway with my friend, and we started telling each other how grateful we were for each other and saying we hoped we survived. Then, I was in my theatre teacher's classroom (which wasn't even her classroom) and she started talking about how there was going to be huge crashes of lightning and clouds of mosquitos that would make us lose our hearing, or kill us. Everybody started crying, and I remember saying, "I don't wanna die! I've got shows to do!" Then she said, "12 minutes remaining," and we started preparing for the storm.

You were in a salon, but you

You were in a salon, but you were also in a classroom setting. You seemed a little frustrated but I could barely tell, you were holding back some frustration. Your hair was in the locs and I was like "Em! I'm ready for you do my hair" you were like you want the locs? I said yeah, and you started laughing and you were like nahh you don't want these. Then I was like "well it looks beautiful on you woman of God." You were standing there looking like you were about to cry but you didn't you smiled and said thank you.

A jar full of a liquid that

A jar full of a liquid that is eaten with food in which is generally within my culture was in the classroom. Us asians, with a guy who I never talk to anymore and another who I talked to for two days and had a lot of fun, were excited about it. The whole class laughed when I said out loud that the jar was labeled instant cock. Suddenly I was washing dishes in front of the class, carefully explaining how washing dishes was similar to life. As I came across a large amount of dishes in my way, I felt overwhelmed. Then, I was teleported to a table. Tony was sitting behind me. I said to myself "You have her, and you'll kill him." I started bawling and crying like crazy. Tony comforted me, rubbing my back as an attempt that was obviously in vain. He tried so hard to make me feel better as I was in his arms.When I stopped crying, he looked at my face, but I looked away. I woke up.