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i was a witness to a very

i was a witness to a very brutal murder and became part of the murder. I kicked a manand not until later did I know he was dead.by then I wanted to tell but they knew I wanted to tell so they were looking for me to kill me. I hid in a romans bathroom in a gas station but they started killing people demanding the other women in the bathroom to turn me to them..they finally did..i got beat inches away from death..somehow I managed to get away..then a woman in the crowd noticed me and told me to always watch my back..they had done the same to her.. and the people that gave me up to the killers were my friends.. ed me and told me to alwayswatch

at school i was being taught by

at school i was being taught by women younger than myself who had outgoing personalities suitable for teaching. I compared myself to these women and felt i i did not have their ability. the school i attended was not a typical academic setting. Many of the classrooms were used for dual purpose, there was medical training and ambulance driving instructions. I was being taught a subject infront of a white bard with markers. was getting ready for school when i noticed i would have difficulty making the bus if i could not decide what clothes to wear. the white painters paints were somewhat too large and it was to hot to wear two wool sweaters, the white turtle neck and blue cardigan. i was resigned too being late to school until i figured this out. Parents than noticed i had many keys on my chain and demanded to know what each was for. I had blue, silver and other colors. i responded by saying one key was for night, day, my graphic work...

I dreamt that I secretly meet my

I dreamt that I secretly meet my ex boyfriend at a resturant. He explains to me why he has been so nasty with me. That he has a jealous girlfriend who watches his every move and that is the reason why he could not keep in touch. He is not sure if he wants to marry her. We get to my house and I tell him that I am going to tell my husband that he came to visit. I go and tell my husband who gets very upset about the idea. I then go back and tell him to take his stuff and go obeying my husband demands.

I walked through an open air market,

I walked through an open air market, and noticed my favorite ring was gone. I searched and searched, until i saw a woman pick it up. I asked for it back, and she refused, and ran. I chased her into the indoor section of the market, and lost her. After going back out, I found her, and got a hold of her. I pushed her into the wall, and demanded my ring back. She smirked, and got loose. I chased her to her group of friends, including her boyfriend. They laughed, and told me that the police weren't coming. I yelled about he federal police, and threw the first man into a wall, knocking him out. As i watched his eyes roll up into his head, i heard a faint song lilting 'If you'll just give me my ring back i'll be happy to kill you now"