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I had a dream that my best

I had a dream that my best friend was a devil worshiper and even though I didn't worship the devil I hung out with her and then there was this really weird part: I was in a small room and there was two elders tied up separately. A grandma and grandpa I think. And then my devil worshiping friend come in holding an axe! I hold the struggling elders down and say "This will only hurt a while." while she cuts them in two!

Walking into a white freshly painted white

Walking into a white freshly painted white kitchen very clean and bright and went thru inner rooms all white but saw one room on the side was not painted but dark ugly green walls with a pool table. The next room was our master bedroom also not painted and the same ugly green and dark room. This room was demonically infested and I rebuked the devils in Jesus name then woke up.

It was a nightmare. It was a

It was a nightmare. It was a special day for me but I can’t remember if it was my birthday or not, I just know I was being honored that day and people were coming over. I heard the doorbell ring and I went to open it and it was a devilish looking clown. My vision went in circles and the clowns head got bigger then smaller and started turning sideways. When he smiled he had very sharp teeth. I tried closing the door but the clown was pushing for it to open. It was a struggle between the two of us to keep each other out. I woke up when we kept pushing each other out.

I was walking through a house and

I was walking through a house and it was like I had virtual glasses on and could see outwardly. I couldn't see myself. The walls of the house were nice and white in color. I pursued a devil that I couldn't see but I knew was there. I called it and cast it out in the name of Jesus. A sliding window opened and the demon spirit left the house and the window closed behind it. I never saw it only felt the presence. After it left out the window I stood just looking at the window and felt relief. I woke up and it stayed with me all day.