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I was entering the 6th grade I

I was entering the 6th grade I was at a lake and it was kinda dark. There was a diving board to jump into the lake. I was there with my mom and some of my friends. In the lake was alligators and the were scary they had long teeth and looked hungry. I was told to go swimming and i didn’t want to because of the alligators. All of the sudden my mom pushed me into to the lake. I was struggling to swim! It was weird because I knew how to swim. All of the sudden an alligator bite me in half! Having thought I died I freaked out. My friends swam over and put me back together.

My mother died when I was 24,

My mother died when I was 24, so a little over 3 years now. I have never dreamt about her since her passing. Until last night. So the dream starts out with me living in a house that I was previously rented with a couple friends. But in the dream I lived with my mother. Long story short, she tells me that she's moving out and that I won't see her anymore. After telling me this it's like everything is going down hill. And then I'm in a field of green grass and I'm running after her. Which seems like forever. When I turned back to look, the house was gone. And I'm standing alone in this empty grass filled field.


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