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I was sitting at a table and

I was sitting at a table and an older lady came to me and put a piece of Popeye in front of me. She turned and walked off. She came back several times with a look of hate on her face and each time she put before me on a table a piece of Popeye. Next I was standing outside and something or somebody beside me was talking about the seven heads of something. They held something that looked like a kite with a fuse and when I turned towards it I lit the fuse. Seven balls if fire launched into the sky before us and turned into seven dragon heads. Then everything turned to smoke.

I am climbing up a steep mountain

I am climbing up a steep mountain path in a forest, I am already very high up. Immediately on my left is a cliff that drops into a deep ravine, at the bottom is a wide lake, and on the other side is another cliff. There are two waterfalls pouring down cliff, vast waterfalls. I suddenly notice a shadow behind each suggesting caves. After I notice the caves, a giant ox comes out of the cave on the left, waterfall parting around it. Out of the cave on the right comes a giant dragon. I suddenly know that the dragon is going to eat the giant ox, but that it has eaten it over and over, so it must be reborn every day.