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Last night I dreamt that I was

Last night I dreamt that I was in a car with a good female friend, we were driving around and I our job was to drive to deserted buildings and repair leaks. I don't think this is unusual as she is a leak technician and we both work for a water company and we watched water for elephants last night. whilst we were driving I was in the back of the car and saw a black snake. we got out of the car the snake hid, we found it and it was alive then it suddenly died. this happened twice. it made us jump and we were worried then we were ok as if we knew it was going to be able to be killed, then we picked up a male friend to give him a lift to work. In real life he works with me in this dream he didn't. in the back of he car he kissed me but she couldn't see, he has a girlfriend but we have slept together several times and recently he decided we should be just friends. I would like more, then at one of the final buildings he was sick in front of me, I helped him and wanted to look after him, then my other friend appeared who says she does not like him because she doesn't know about my past with him and I was scared she would see how I felt. how does this translate?