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I was living with my husband and

I was living with my husband and my grandma had moved back but my grandma she's passed on an she had a big white House with 7 rooms in it an we was having a bbq so im walking in the house it was three females sitting on the couch my cousin was holding a baby I don't know if that was her baby or what so I went into one of the rooms in came out of the room and I went into my grandma room she was lying down on her daybed and I started to talk about what I was going through with my husband and she told me that I can get the three bedrooms on the right of the house then she started to talk about God I felt so peaceful and then I woke up

Ima t a student council meeting

Ima t a student council meeting we are periodising an unpopular idea I say "everyone hates the student council anyway " they agreee .Now I'm in the hub someone's making an announcement maybe it's me I turn to the corner and see john by the stairwell .Hes wearing overalls I didn't know we could do that .im in the orallighys field but it surrounded by gates .this is a school event .THE TEACHER ARE CANNIBALS .i try to climb over the gate to escape my dad helps but Alan tries to stop us. We get over the gate and I'm in the car there's traffic I keep telling my dad we need to call the police he seems uninterested.we arrive at a house . I wonder who's house it is.my dad gets out of the car for a vape.i try to call 999 But different numbers keep appearing instead of 9 that I have to delete. My brain switches to a completely white area where 3 females mii's with pigtails in red are .they each have the number 9 on them .perfect I think . 3 male mii's appear they have the number 9 on them too .im back in the car I look down at my phone ,there's too many 9's

Majestic deer in window. Nice white lady

Majestic deer in window. Nice white lady in room. Everytime shed go by the deer would be huge and jump in to attack her "help me" somehow. Not long after a fat white man would come in to stangle her "help me" it took so a couple ppl to get him off. Again and again this repeated "help me" shed say. This time i saw it coming. Tree in broken window. Deer appeared majestic and beautiful. White lady appeared deer violent lunges in to get her "help me" black female friend goes to help. Deer backs off only to let fat white boy come in to grab her. He lays on floor with her in hands i yell "let her go" worried he may throw her i tell her to try to hold me while i try to push in his eyes and choke him as he chokes her. But it was hard. It was like i almost couldnt do it. I couldn't manage to push hard enough to feel his pain on my fingers...i wake up

So the dream starts with me being

So the dream starts with me being shown to gym class in a new school,but I'm a girl now and when I get to class the pe teacher introduced me as A girl named Jaiden and everyone was no wiser that I used to be a boy and after he introduced me I went back to my seat and I was controlling female me, after my pe teacher took attendance I was pulled out by the principal and the principal knew I used to be a boy and he asked me if I was doing good and that I was having no problem with being considered a girl and I said I didn't everyone thinks I've always been a girl and after that this girl named Alexa came to me and said she was gonna give me a tour and this was a relief considering I didn't know were my dorms were(this was a college btw which was weird since I am only in highschool) and she showed me around and then she told me to look around while she got my dorm key and I did but I got lost and she found me and led me to my dorm and that was the end and when I woke up which ended stopping it and when I woke up I felt a strange happiness that I've never felt before I felt completely felt like me in the dream

Based in roman times. Sultan rydell went

Based in roman times. Sultan rydell went to war to obtain a country. He won and was awarded with a powerful princess, franchesca. He drains her powers and makes her helpless and turns her into a sex slave to keep royal bloodlines. Rydell takes her powers and becomes the most powerful man alive. The royal males that franchesca bears are turned into peasant slave drivers and the royal females are turned into castle keepers. Franchesca is not allowed personal relations. Franchesca fell in love with a peasant named jacob and she bore a child. Master rydell found out and had the child murdered. Her punishment was forced marriage to two royals. She is kept under watch all day every day. Rydells ally is joeseph, franchescas brother. Franchesca despises her brother because he runs his country much like rydell does. He came to visit one day and his country got invaded by queen dahlia from another country. Queen dahlia wants good, and wants franchesca freed from her bonds of slavery so she can have her country back. Dahlia has a limited army, but invades joesephs country. Rydell finds out and builds an army to capture her. He captures her and tortures her or makes her watch torture. Franchesca begs for mercy and pardon but everytime she does she gets beaten into obedience for not acting like a slave should. Prince caspian is dahlias son, he was cast off to gain more powers to try to defeat rydell but no one has heard back from him. Franchesca is defeated and can only watch her country fall to ruins against a most powerful dictator that she is forced to worship. If she runs someone near to her will get tortured while she watches in dispair and helplessness


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