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At a new house, a new person

At a new house, a new person visiting, with brother and sister n law. The person asked to see my brothers gun and he was checking it out and he tried pulling gun on me and I fought him and went off beside me, behind me. Than had a dream a couple of days ago, of a huge tornado, riding in car and seen a wheat field half missing with blue light in it and someone using a large cutting instruments to get into vehicle.



I was in a school field trip

I was in a school field trip and I lost my bag with all my stuff in it so I ran every where to find it until someone found it for me

Started off at the mall where I

Started off at the mall where I was relaxing under a tree. All of a sudden, armed gunmen started approaching about 500 yards apart from one another in a grid pattern. I apparently had a wingsuit and took to the skies. The remainder of the dream was trying to avoid their shots and bouncy bombs that had to be swatted away with perfect timing in order to avoid being blown apart. Eventually, I reached the Oracle (yes, Oracle the software company) building and the gunmen were now about 100 yards apart from each other (so much more in a close range in the field) also now there were gunmen on the rooftops. I tried everything I could to hide in trees and avoid them but they kept spotting me and I would have to move quickly to avoid their bullets and bombs. Eventually, I found some old acquaintances from high school a few blocks away who were doing their best to fight the gunmen off but the area became overrun. Large lights began to flash and sirens sounded and then I woke up.

I dreamt my friend crashed his van.

I dreamt my friend crashed his van. Then drove the van into a brick wall that was at a car wash. People came and a man tried to take our IDs but I didn’t have mine. We were waiting for the police but they never came. Then I dreamt I was with my brother and he was driving. We were following my mom to a really big field and I kind of knew they way but my brother wasn’t sure. I hit him and he started to cry. I felt bad because I didn’t mean to do that. We sat there and there were some kids playing football and another guy there with his dog. Then I dreamed I was teaching a Sunday morning class. I was asking for prayer requests and one girl said her friend was suicidal. So I got the whole class to lay hands on her and I was praying for her but she was walking around and I wasn’t sure if it was because she was trying to get away from me. Then my youth pastor came in and started playing worship music.

I was on a field trip with

I was on a field trip with a teacher and some students. We went to a big surfing beach, but I couldn't surf due to an injury. I was waxing a board when I saw a child who's skin was cracking. He was like a ghost. Only I could see him. Then I saw a dark haired woman who had razor blades for fingernails and stuck in her back. When I screamed they were gone and everyone said that it was just a broom I saw. The woman tried to kill me multiple times. It was like I had schizophrenia.

I was standing outside in the dark

I was standing outside in the dark at night, i looked into the sky and noticed their was no stars, eventually the stars started to flicker 1 by 1 like fireworks, it honestly looked beautiful but the next thing i noticed the moon started to fall down, then everything went white and i woke up (This was the first time i've had this dream but i've had a recurring dream for a long time thats very similar, where im in a field during theday i look up to see either an aeroplane or a nuclear bomb falling towards me, if its the aeroplane it misses and if its the bomb i try to catch it, then everything goes white and i wake up)

It was night time I was staying

It was night time I was staying at a school. I smoked weed with a group of older people in the football field. There was a shed in the back of the school with fireworks in a barrel next to it. I hid some fireworks in the shed while smoking a cigarette. The sun starts rising and I see a man pretending to dress as a firefighter. He starts pouring gasoline out of a gas tank all across the backside of the school. And lights it on fire. The fore was put out and the man was arrested. Later on after it's already turned day I meet two children at the front of the school. Little girl named Abigail with brown curly hair and big brown eyes and a round face. They were playing on a catapult. I smoke a cigarette and leave the school