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My friend and I were going inside

My friend and I were going inside a dragon's den in a wall, and I went the wrong way and the dragon got angry. There was water and steam coming from the tunnel I was in and before I knew it, there were flames everywhere. I had to leave my shoes there as they were scorched by the flames. I had to go on this mission with my friend to escape the dragon, and eventually ended up in a library and my friend started talking to this man, who I didn't know, and I was wearing my swimsuit half naked.

I saw i was lighting a candle

I saw i was lighting a candle in church and praying for my personal life and suddenly i saw two flames came out from my candle.

Pulled a car into a gas station...or

Pulled a car into a gas station...or something. Ended up with a group of blonde people. I was in a volvo (I think). Wasn't my car. I felt like someone was missing. I tried reaching tam, I think. But no response. I was in some kinda house...it was behind the gas station. Then back by the station. I ran there in the rain with no shirt on. Heather pulled up and went into the station Then I was in a real life video game. Had to pull a lever and avoid a wooden man. I noticed a fire burning out of an in de script thing. I grabbed the man and burned him. He looked evil as he burned and disappeared into the flames. I then got scared...I think the house was evil. I ran to the car and it was dark. Then there was another game going on and heather grabbed a blonde baby and sat next to me. We didn't talk. Then I went back to the house. Cold and dark. Back to the car, it was back in and cars and trucks blocked me in. But I started the car and they all just moved. I drove away. I remember thinking...these people have me trapped..really scared.

My bed got hot while I was

My bed got hot while I was lying in it and eventually burst into flames after I got out

Passenger in a car with friend on

Passenger in a car with friend on an unknown tall grassy road following another car with which a flame drops from and our vehicle surrounds in flames and spins, making it hard to move and get out

Ok so my pawpaw(grandfather) died 4 years

Ok so my pawpaw(grandfather) died 4 years ago June 19, i was closer to him than I was to my own father...i loved him very much and still do, so the fact that he was in this dream with me just terrified me even more. His old house, where i practically grew up, burned down this past christmas...and 3 days before it burned down, i had a dream that terrified me so very badly...that this is the first time i have even spoken of the dream since then and on top of that...it's reoccurring...this is that dream...: I was walking through nana and pawpaw's old house, I was in a pure white nightgown in my barefeet...and everything was fine at first...my pawpaw was there and he was still alive...i was hugging him and crying because i finally got to see him again...then all of a sudden, he grabbed his chest and he collapsed (which is weird because that is not how he died, he died from supernuclearpaulsey and pneumonia) ...i looked down and he was in a coffin...i dropped to the ground and picked him up out of the coffin and hugged him and rocked him back and forth saying i just got him back and i couldn't lose him again and crying...and then blood and flames started leaking through the ceiling and walls and light fixtures...and i watched the house burn down all around me...it seemed like eternity but when the flames went away...nothing was left...i looked down to hold my pawpaw close to me but he was no longer in my arms, he was buried beneath the ashes of the home and a headstone was erected there...i threw my arms around the headstone and wept until my tears became blood...the dream ended when i laid my head down on the ground beside the headstone and closed my eyes...and that's where I stayed in my unsoiled, still pure white nightgown... That was the dream i had just 3 days before the place where I spent most of my childhood burned completely to the ground and a lot of nights since...can someone possibly tell me what this means and why i keep having the dream?...I wake up crying every time i have it and i need to know why I'm having such a terrifying dream...

A kiln oven is steaming hot and

A kiln oven is steaming hot and the flames that come out of it is red and yellow. the kiln door opens and out comes four big very beautiful gold bars with the name LAURA boldly written on them

I was living in a mountainous area

I was living in a mountainous area in a cabin like house my mother, sister and brother in-law. I drove to go get my husband from somewhere he shouldn't have been in an old beat up car. I was driving on a windy road feeling like I had to get to him fast and then suddenly, I drove off the edge of a steep cliff and floated down into a beautiful valley. I felt peaceful and it was beautiful. I then sort of appeared back at the house and was trying to tell my family that the crash and flames was from me and that I was gone. They couldn't hear me, I don't think. Yet, I was content, without fear. What could this mean?

I was at my graduation party and

I was at my graduation party and I kept seeing this guy in an orange shirt and I was confused because I didn't invite anyone who wore orange. Then all of a sudden my house caught on fire and I just stood and watched the flames.