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I may have feeling for my best

I may have feeling for my best friend. I saw him in my dream , we argue and then we just stand really close to each other and he kisses me on my forehead

I had a dream about a friend

I had a dream about a friend that died in a shooting on the job he visited me with greenish yellow slime oozing out of holes in his body when I reached to touch this bullet womb on his forehead he stopped me when I asked what it was he replayed it's my stuff

I was in africa and attacked a

I was in africa and attacked a rhino pulling off his horn and placing on my forehead while playing around.

I was standing around and I had

I was standing around and I had this spot on my forehead and I thought it was a pimple. When I squeezed it, something was poking out. I pulled on it and a white feather came out and on top of the feather was a black beetle. I looked around and a select few of my friends had this as well.

I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was at the mall buying phone cases then i went to sit on a bench and a guy from my childhood began to call my name , I didn't recognize him at first but when i did he ran over and started to hug me then kissed my forehead, we began to talk and he says he is just as interested in the same medical position as me after college then he kissed me.

This morning before I woke up I

This morning before I woke up I had a dream that a big fluffy Monarch Butterfly landed on my finger and I watched it, it was so pretty.. then it started flying off and came back and landed on my forehead @ my hairline.. then it got stuck in my hair and I was trying to gently nudge it out but it was stuck. There were a bunch of people standing around watching, but nobody would help me get the butterfly out! So I had to gently try to guide him out of my hair and I accidentally pulled his wings off and the body was dead but twitching and tangled up in my hair. I was so upset and nobody would help me get the dead butterfly out of my hair… then wings just melted into my hands

I am at a hotel with some

I am at a hotel with some friends, and my mom and sister and fiancé come in and tell me my dad died. I walk outside and all that is left of my dad is his eyes and forehead. I was told he was set on fire.

The first thing I can remember from

The first thing I can remember from my dream was walking down the hallway in our house, (My grandparents, mother, younger sister and I all live together) and entering my room that I share with my sister. She was on her bed squirming around and making strange noises. When she looked at me, her eyes were fireballs. I ran out to tell my mother, who quickly ran outside and started the car. She told me to come with her, but I told her I needed to make sure Grandma and Grandpa were out first. When I went into their room, I saw my grandmother on her bed with a small black, almost kangaroo-like creature touching her. She was on fire. I then ran outside and joined my mom in the car. The next thing I remember from the dream is being inside a building with my mom and sister, the same one who was "possessed"? earlier. I don't know how we met up with her and I don't know how we got to this building. It was almost like a small castle. We walked down a hall and found a room with a wooden door, and locked ourselves inside. Then, my mom told us that the locks only work every other hour. After sitting in the room for a while, hoping the locks would keep us safe, we heard the door rattle a little, and then it opened. A very large bald man walked in and started approaching us, and my mom said, "uh oh". He stood in front of us, then leaned down and kissed my sister on the forehead, then did the same to my mom, and then to me. Although I was dreaming, I physically felt this and it was as if something was going through me; like he laid a curse on us. Then he picked up my mom and sister, one in each arm. He told me that my sister was a goddess of youth and that my mom was one of beauty. Then, looking me straight in the eye, he said, "someone special wants to see you". He emphasized the word "you". As soon as he finished these words, I woke up. Some extra information if it helps... I am 16, my sister is 14, and my mother is 50. I was at a friend's house when this dream occurred and I received some bad news shortly before having it.