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In upstair bedroom of old house. I

In upstair bedroom of old house. I see thin black snake about 3-4 feet long on floor heading off to the left. It disappears quickly under furniture. Can't believe my eyes. I am lying on a couch or bed with wooden peg legs. I look down and see two (2) baby red and orange fat snakes. I am scared, but they look cartoonish. They are raising up and trying to get to me. I can see their forked tongues moving. There are two (2) more baby white and yellow snakes with them which are smaller and not as fat. They lie in a square formation. I can't speak as I cry for help. I call the name of my dead brother, John. "John, John ... there are four (4) snakes in here on the floor." I must have been calling out loud because I was then awakened by person telling me I was having a nightmare.

i was in a field withsome close

i was in a field withsome close friends saw in the distance the sky getting dark grey and fork lightening heading to the ground in white streeks, beside that was a twister and the sky red behind it. The twister turned into fire a light up a little forestry like a match and screamed towards me, i and couple guys headed to the front of the house in the alcove and the twister of fire raced beside the house burning the trees beside it but didnt hurt me or my friends.

it was in a yard at our

it was in a yard at our house we used to live in.my father told us that my cousin is dead and we were all crying,my uncles came to visit with my grandmother and my uncle hit me with his fists and i stabbed him with the fork and i told my uncle to call the police ,my grandmother chased me and trew a white bucket at me there were alot of people who came to watch and it suddenly started raining.my mother who passed away was asking me for luke warm water and my grandmother kept chasing me

Me and a bunch of friends that

Me and a bunch of friends that I didn't recognize were very tiny, almost fairy sized. We were trying to survive at my local park and we built hiding places made entirely out of popsicle sticks so we could hide from the giants that wanted to kill us. We always had to carry weapons, but all we had were forks and knives. Then, I remembered that I had a bowie knife in a drawer in my room, so one of my friends and I go to my house to retrieve it. We still hid from the giants. They would pick up the popsicle stick huts and we would cling onto the ceiling of them to make the giants think we weren't there and they would be on their way. When I found the bowie knife, we went back to the group of friends in the park and we made a plan to escape by making a road of popsicle sticks to continue hiding from the giants. We would see them walking on top of our popsicle stick roofing that we built on the road.

Went to get pedicure and lady put

Went to get pedicure and lady put me in the middle seat and put my feet in tub she began to run water and add green crystals to it turning water green i told her it wasnt hot so she drained it and refilled with hot water she walked away and the tub began to overflow until I turned water off I got out of spa and my toes were painted green I ended up at a family dinner washing a single fork and my exboyfriend sat at table with his mother. I left and ended at my moms house eating and i got up to get smthng when I came back my chair was gone