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My dreams is to be a successful

My dreams is to be a successful scientist in future since I further my study in clinical laboratory science. It is because I want to do a research about disease so I can help people around me. Besides that, my dreams is to make both of my parents proud of me on my succeed.

Basically i was with my mom, grandma,

Basically i was with my mom, grandma, and sister and we were going to florida and it was in the future so the planes went much faster so it was meant more for show so there would be turns and it would be super windy and like at one point it landed on the highway and then came back up and around back under the highway so we were all sitting way in the back of the plane and we were getting hungry so we were watching the flight attendant bring some food through the aisles and it was night time so it was really dark and just a few lights were on and then all of a sudden the plane crashes onto the highway and only a few people in the back of the plane survived the crash and there is a bunch of cars that are all piled together and janked up so my mom goes and starts helping by pulling everyone out of cars and I found this doctor who was operating on someone’s heart right on the highway like his chest was wide open and he didn’t have enough light so I was shining my phone light on him and then all of a sudden this guys head just goes limp and the doctor kicks his leg and his leg just goes and so he’s like yeah he’s dead and goes to help others and so it looks like everyone is being helped so idk what to do so me, this zombie looking guy, and the zombie looking guys friend who has this shoulder splint on all walk back to the back of the plane because the back is the only part that’s still fully intact and so I asked the guy with the shoulder splint “are you okay” and he never answered and we just sit down and the shoulder splint guy is in front of me and the zombie guy is beside the shoulder splint guy and i’m like “i hope everyone is ok” and the shoulder splint guy tells me to shut up so i do and all of a sudden the front of the plane loses power and the lights just go out and so do the lights on the highway and we hear SCREAMING and yelling and we see fires starting and people attacking other people and I see the doctor get ripped in half by the guy he’s helping and so I turn all the lights in the back of the plane off because there’s basically RIOTS happening and i don’t want people to see us and all of a sudden I look and the zombie guy is drop dead his head is like in his lap he’s so dead but the guy in front is still like normal and alive and then something floats into the plane and drops on the floor and I look and it’s my mom’s plane ticket so like I’m absolutely freaking out and then I wake up

I always dream of another man, whom

I always dream of another man, whom I know sometimes from days past and sometimes of days future different events but same man and not my husband.

I was in a dark bar sitting

I was in a dark bar sitting on a stool in front of a window but the men behind the bar were selling diamond rings instead of drinks. The rings came in many different colours and were very expensive, I was told by my mother to choose two rings as they were very expensive so I chose the clear diamond and the orange diamond but also liked the yellow. During the dream I thought this was a strange choice for me as I don't usually tend to go for those colours. After I'd purchased the rings the man behind the bar read my tarot cards but they were based on the rings I'd selected and I was told I should remain positive and I would have a very successful future. A few boys and one girl from my class at school were there, one boy in particular walked in holding books and he and his friend walked into an adjoining room which was a cinema. Afterwards we all sat around a square table and I showed my friend my rings which she loved whilst one boy rolled his eyes at them

I'm crying and run to fetch a

I'm crying and run to fetch a train. When i found my seat, i sat there with my oversized t-shirt and shorts hugging both of my legs. That coach is very dark and isolated. Until one stranger guy came sat next to me and gave his shoulder for me to cry. Surprisingly i kept calm and relaxed. I felt safe and i know somehow he might be my true future love. But he kept came again every year in my dreams since 7 years ago.

I'm a 16-year-old girl with big dreams.

I'm a 16-year-old girl with big dreams. One of ma dreams is to become a successful woman in the future with a good job. Also to be able to look after my family and make sure they are as happy as they can be. I would also love to help save children who are going through hard time , kids who don't have anyone to care or look out for them. I just wish the world could be more peaceful and people would just learn to love each other and accept them for who they are. I would be over the moon if I am able to achieve these goals because I believe the world can be a better place for everyone.

I was put in a game and

I was put in a game and I had to go around to different worlds in it. I went to tis one part where I was in a wedding and I had to stop a imposter ring bearer from killing the real ring bearer. I went up behind the imposter but everytime I tried to pull him back he would just keep walking. He got right behind the real boy and punched him up side the face. He fell on the ground and everyone in the wedding disappeared. Then I went to the future and everyone was in a back hallway because there was a bomb dropping. I quickly ran to the past. I landed in this swamp and these four other people were swimming to get to this shack. I followed, since I wanted to get out of the swamp. When I got there the four were sitting in a room with a old, film rolling movie on. The projectionist went over to me and asked if I did gymnastics. I said yes. Then he said, then i have the job for you. He said roll the movie, and then he just ran away. I was sitting there for awhile but I guess I fell asleep at the movie because I started having Disney dreams. Minnie was cheating on Mickey with Pluto, Tinkerbell was with jimmy the cricket, and Goofy and Peter Pan were shooting off fireworks. Then Peter Pan came up to me and said, do you do gymnastics? and I said, yes. Then he said, Well I have the job for you. Then I woke up from the Disney dream and I was at the wedding again. Everyone was running around, screaming. I didn’t know what was going on but I ran with them, away from whatever was happening.

As an adult, found out I was

As an adult, found out I was a twin separated at birth from my sister. very upset about the deceit from my mother regarding having a twin. Excited and happy to meet twin sister in t he future

My lover and I were at work

My lover and I were at work looking at a picture of a lake with rock and snow caps there was a picture of me then he said that I saved the fish for the future