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The first thing I remember is being

The first thing I remember is being in a boarding school kinda house with at least 15 other girls and a headmistress. Suddenly, a guy (about 25-35 years old) walks in and starts shooting everyone. The headmistress and I are the only ones left, so we run (not together). I end up in the garden and try to ride a horse that is standing there (I did some horsebackriding a couple of years back) but fall off as the horse jumps. I remember that there is a school car and run inside to grab the keys. As I turn to run towards the car, he stands there, brings the gun towards my head but doesn't shoot me. Instead, he takes my head into a headlock and guides me outside where the headmistress is running for her life. Suddenly, i realise that we're not on the countryside in some old boarding school but right outside of my house. He shoots the head mistress, he takes me back inside and some sexual activity takes place. After that we run together and when I'm freed by the cops, I help him escape and we run off again.

ok so Ive always have had vivid

ok so Ive always have had vivid dreams, but this one is to much I need help so it started about a month ago. I dream I'm in the most perfect place in the world every one cares about me and treats me nice like I am important i had a house and a father figure and every thing and the most beautyfull girlfriend ever but every one has a face but no facial features or anything like eyes kinda like a blank so i live on my one in a nice house with a yard and flowers like a garden i don't remember much of what i did but i know i was happy so i go with the dream, it ends and i wake up for the next few days same dream but it advances to where i meet this girls parents (i don't know her name i just cant remember) and we have a blast but then when i wake up i feel happy and sad at the same time kinda torn so a while passes still advancing and i feel myself wanting to sleep more and more and every time i end up seeing her and i even long for her i even fall asleep in school and see her so its about 2/11/17 and I'm talking to her and say i love her and she feels the same way we kiss in my dream but when i wake up i feel extreamly happy and a weird feeling so now right before i fall asleep i actually subconsciously hug a pillow and kiss it and ask to visit her (i know that sounds weird but bare with me) so i heard a voice say always and i fall asleep and visit her but today 2/15/17 at around 10 pm i do the rutine but this time I'm not asleep I'm half asleep and half awake so i see her and her beautyfull black hair and she faces me and says she loves me but she has to go and she will return in 8 years at the heart of japan or the golden heart of japan and meet me at a skyscraper or atleast a large building with a triangular pyramid on another one kinda like the sims symbol but anyways so she says she will meet me there in 8 years and to do what i want to do and follow my dreams and to change my name to alex or alexander and she will be there waiting and so i asked how will i find her and she says i will know when i see her and then i ask for one last kiss and she says always and we kissed and then i woke up to find me gripping the pillow crying and sad. what does this mean is it someone who is connected to me some how is it a sign or a vision or is it a promise.