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I had a dream my girlfriend kissed

I had a dream my girlfriend kissed someone else actually missed my friend in front of me. and after a week my girlfriend was from work and she said she's coming and shes ginna sleep over.She phone me at night 11 pm saying she's on her way back from work but she doesn't have transport she's using ubber.I waited for her then I decided to go out of my room at that time and waited for her outside,I saw a Ford fiestas packing outside my house and she kissed the guy as if it was a goodbye kiss in front of my parents house I just couldn't believe.She 22 I'm 26 and we dated for a year,whenever I go out with her she would flirt with guys thinking I don't see her and i endup fighting with friend thinking that want my girl.so I tried forgiving her but it's hard to love without trust I was becoming insecure.And after that she said she was previously sexual abuse and that affected her