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verytime i watch a horror movie i

verytime i watch a horror movie i always falling into the glass there's someone running behind my back then i dont know why i running too because i panic. When i entered a room just like im in hospital. Then i saw a little girl in the bed i talk to her but they try to push me in the building im trying to stop her . Why you want to push me who you? I said to her but she did not response the face is like familiar im trying to recognize her i failed its blurred the girl is full of emotion anger i can feel it . But i know that she is a ghost we still fighting again and again she push me into the window outside the building and while im falling down i can see the pieces of glass slomotion i can feel like an astronaut. I cant believed it. Its like a magic , like a real in life my question in my mind why did not ever get injured its imposible my body has no wounds but i can feel my heartbeat is too fast i know its not a real i wake up in the middle of the night my heartbeat is just the same the im trying to calm my body and i got a tears in my eyes.

Left work and the operatung room and

Left work and the operatung room and hopped a train and solved wheel of fortune type puzzles. Then got on a plane and met my sister in Norway on a snow ski with a red dress on and aliens in the place we were staying. We went to a big nice house with stone and glass and concrete. Then a girl was complaining how she had a worse house. I left after my sister and the aliens gave me a pink balloon to squeeze to talk to them. I kept squeezing it on the plane ride home and the one I was talking to got mad. I train rode through the puzzles and house again. Then I woke up in bed next to my husband and the aliens had turned me into a monkey until I could learn to grow up and listen to them.

I was in my grandmoms neighborhood and

I was in my grandmoms neighborhood and I was with a group of kids who were my age. One looked exactly like a kid from my Bustop before I met him, one was very tall, one was shorter than the rest of us but not tiny, and there was a blond girl. We all left one by one until it was me and the tall kid. We had to lug a heavy washing machine to his house. He had a really low front porch and he ducked under it to get through. I hit my head on the top. His mom came out through the door (which was glass) and asked me to come in. Then I woke up.