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Left work and the operatung room and

Left work and the operatung room and hopped a train and solved wheel of fortune type puzzles. Then got on a plane and met my sister in Norway on a snow ski with a red dress on and aliens in the place we were staying. We went to a big nice house with stone and glass and concrete. Then a girl was complaining how she had a worse house. I left after my sister and the aliens gave me a pink balloon to squeeze to talk to them. I kept squeezing it on the plane ride home and the one I was talking to got mad. I train rode through the puzzles and house again. Then I woke up in bed next to my husband and the aliens had turned me into a monkey until I could learn to grow up and listen to them.

I was in my grandmoms neighborhood and

I was in my grandmoms neighborhood and I was with a group of kids who were my age. One looked exactly like a kid from my Bustop before I met him, one was very tall, one was shorter than the rest of us but not tiny, and there was a blond girl. We all left one by one until it was me and the tall kid. We had to lug a heavy washing machine to his house. He had a really low front porch and he ducked under it to get through. I hit my head on the top. His mom came out through the door (which was glass) and asked me to come in. Then I woke up.

In a function type room with pews,

In a function type room with pews, you sat up the front which looked like the front of a ship. Alex and Rory were there. They were saying goodbye to you as you were going on an adventure. The people sitting in pews looked like a congregation, cheering and crying for you. Rory sat in front of you and was opening an ice cream packet, you opened one and gave it to him and he did the same. It wasn't ice cream, they were fish on a stick, covered in chocolate. You and Rory hugged and then you had a gold knuckle sign that said BAD MOTHER pointed straight at me, you were laughing and didn't look at me at all. My sisters Tanya and Rachael were there. Tanya wanted to be seen so she grabbed a large white box and stood on a woman's head, then the box so she could feel seen. I climbed up the pew a bit, stretching my arms out to feel free. I felt sad. All the books were dropped all over the floor and I walked away. Jemma met me at the door and we gave each other a hug and I told her I loved her. Then she said she had never loved anyone properly her whole life. I felt said and glassy eyed again and said "I have" and started walking. We then stopped and I started to cry. "I would travel around the world twice, just to find him" I said. Two hands swept over my eyes, but just before that happened I saw Jemma smile at something behind her. The hands felt large and so did the frame standing behind me. I knew it was him, I know his hands and the feel of them on my skin. Heart pounding, I slowly turned around... Then I woke up.

I was in an old house walking

I was in an old house walking thru the rooms. The house was empty, yet I felt i was being watched. There were beautiful, old works of art scattered around, yet each one seemed alive watching me. After a while I went into a smaller room to find an ornament hanging in the chimney. It was a glass case with the head of a baby inside, but as I looked, the eye sockets were empty. One eye burned blue in the middle of it's skull, & as it saw me approach, the head swivelled round to reveal a distorted face with a mouth uttering strange noises like shrieks. It seemed to want to burst out of it's glass case to join me, but was not fully developed. very disquieting . at that point I woke up fortunately! any ideas?