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I only remember there was an ancient

I only remember there was an ancient Indian ceremony and they said the way to heaven is going to show to true believers and the sky turned purple and the stars aligned together leading a purple line path to heaven but when I realized my kids where at home I left to go get them with there father so we can go to follow the line but when I went back there was fire and chaos within the worldly people and I had to save my husband from satanic police killers and we was running from them I kept praying and praying and I was trying to get them all out.. it was scary to think of heaven and earth and he'll at the same time in my dream... Then I appeared with old loves from Jr. High and then someone else and other members in a graduation party with alcohol and I wanted to give them my speech and tell them about the beginning of my dream only that I was still dreaming and I started crying and only some believed me and some didn't which I wasn't fully happy then I remembered these guy isn't my love.. My true love was the one I was trying to save in the beginning... I still kept praying.. I woke up worried for my kids self and world and true love and I also woke up scared of God and Jesus as to what they will say or if they will abandone me and my family here and the ones who are not evil on earth..

I was in your classroom and I

I was in your classroom and I was finishing a test. The next hour class started to come in. I went 5 minutes pass the second bell. I asked for a pass to my next class and you told me not until I am done teaching this class. I thought oh crap. My next hour teacher is going to think I am skipping. I ran over to Ruder’s room to ask him for a pass but he was super busy and his room was chaotic. I then sat in the pod nervously to wait for you to come out and give me a pass. A half an hour into that hour you came out. I thought thank God I can go to my next class now. But instead of you giving me a pass you started talking with me about life. I liked the conversation but I was stressing out!!!! The end.

•Hiding behind a wall •cute guy and some

•Hiding behind a wall •cute guy and some girl were flirting •walking on nets and someone said I looked like I was dancing •couple were talking about me and saying I was hairy •I walked up to them and confronted them and they cornered me and said I'm ugly and have bad acne •while I was looking at the girl I noticed her makeup job was terrible * I acted like I didn't care and told them are they gonna keep talking cause I don't care * My friend pulled me away (Can't remember what else happens) •thought I was dreaming but noticed everything really happened and felt emotional and sad * was sitting at a table when a group of guys were sitting at another and noticed the cute guy talking to his friends about me and calling me ugly and my God brother was there * A guy asked if he wanted his cousin to fight me * My God brother just kept looking at me like he knew they were talking about me (I woke up feeling sad)


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