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I dreamt that i was dating my

I dreamt that i was dating my brothers bestfriend (who is like a big brother to me. We hungout with my family. While we were hanginout we held hands and hugged adn cuddle and typical stuff a coupld would do. after awhile we all decided to do somehting, so we got on motorcyles. Onve we got 3 motorcycles and started to ride them. The bike me and my BF were on broke down and we crashed. I was hurt and couldn't get up. My Bf was extremly worried and tried calming me down, he evetenually picked me up and carried my to the hoisptal.......That is when i heard my alarm and woke up..it was very vivid and kinda of random

I went home from college for a

I went home from college for a weekend to visit. Saw my ex-boyfriend who I haven't spoken to in over 8 months. He tries to kiss me and I laugh, saying we are just friends. He laughs and brushes it off. We hangout in the street outside his house and my old house. He gets up and looks at me, but speaks as if he is talking in front of a crowd. He says the girl that has his heart is from Cocoa Beach but lives in Tampa. (Where I live). He is referring to me and looks at me with a smile. He then says "She hates me but she loves me. She has my heart". He is talking about me. We hug and I tell him "I'm so happy I have my best friend back". He tells me he is happy too. Then I start to walk away (wearing the same clothes I went to bed in last night). He says "wait" and we start slow dancing. I lay my head on his shoulder and I can smell his cologne. The cologne he wore when we were dating over two years ago. My hand is around the back of his neck and I can feel his thick soft hair. He puts his head on mine and we dance in the street for a short while. The I have to go and I woke up.

This is a dream I recall from

This is a dream I recall from child hood. It was very scary and was reoccurring. After watching the movies signs (ignoring my parents warning) I went to bed already thinking aliens were going to get me. I fell asleep and was soon dreaming bout aliens. It started out in my house. I was home alone. I called my friend Nick and I went over to his house to hangout for awhile. On my way there the entire neighborhood seemed abandoned it was creepy and strange. I ended up running into an alien tank. Aliens were dropping out the sky. Nicks mom came running out of the house grabbed me and threw me inside. Nick and I hid while Nicks mom locked the house. The aliens started breaking out the windows when I had awaken.