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I recently found out that my childhood

I recently found out that my childhood sweetheart had not split up with his previous girlfriend of 4 years. After giving him a few chances when he promised he wouldnt lie again, even to the point of him moving in with me, I again discovered he spent the weekend with his ex. I had enough and contacted the other girlfriend explaining what had been going on and that she deserved to know. In the morning he texted me that we were over. She sent me a text telling me he had been lying and that they were always together. I forwarded this to him to confirming what I had suspected and asked him never to contact me again. After 3months of dating other people and having no contact with him apart from one 'middle of the night' missed call from him, I am missing more than ever and last night that he had married the other girl (who he constantly criticised to me and his friends), they looked so happy and he was holding her hand and showing off her wedding ring as he drove her away in a vintage rolls royce. I am now expecting to hear the got married on the grapevine. I have known this man for 30+years and never had him down as a cheat or womaniser. Previously he was married for 20 years to his first wife and never cheated on her. What does this dream mean?

Sometime this morning I dreamed I was

Sometime this morning I dreamed I was talking to a young lady encouraging her about something she was discouraged about so then after that I saw I was in my bedroom I was about to lay on the end of my bed but then I realized I wanted something to drink so I saw some grape juice in a jar on the top of the refrigerator then I looked all of a sudden there was a wall that look like a hill of dirt with a lot of smooth stones on it all around the front of my bedroom. then all of a sudden I heard a noise sound rushing from the wall that look like a hill of dirt and water began to gush out all over but the water only ran to the end of the bed and to the left side of the bedroom. my clipboard was in the water and I picked it up the I began to walk around in the water to find other papers or books that might had got in the water. but what is so strange the water never touched my bed at all. as I looked at the water the water was dark because of the color of the dirt that was on the wall on the hill but I still could see through the water. the light was still in the bedroom shining bright.

I was in a big feather bed

I was in a big feather bed with my sister someone had their fingers in my vagina and anus trying to get me to orgasim my sister said move come closer to me then a grapefruit rolled off an open window sill or shelf hitting me in the crotch

I found a litter of kittens under

I found a litter of kittens under a bed with a large dog who was licking them as a mom would. I got the kittens out, mostly black cats, a gray cat and a copper cat. As we put them in a cage, the bottom of cage went into a very deep clear pool of water. One cat fell into the water and I could not go in to save it as water was so deep. But there was a beagle dog at the bottom of the deep water that I could see. I told him to bring up the kitten. He brought up my favorite childhood toy, then a white rat, then got the kitten and it was alive. I named the kitten Dr. Pepper for some reason as it looked copper colored. Mom let me keep this cat. Then I was riding in a car and it almost went off the road, but I was able to turn wheel and get back on the road. We were then at a fruit and vegetable garden. I was eating grapes. I was at a school and could not find my class or know the combination to my lock. Shirt unbuttoned and pants down. Dreamed I was married to my abusive father and I told him I wanted to end the marriage and gave ring back. He gave me a lot of gold jewelry and told me I could leave if I wanted to.

Old school friends, one in particular. then

Old school friends, one in particular. then in his car going to the gym yet I do not make it into the gym I am then running away from some man with dark hair and unusual eyes. as im running away im walking over what seems like plastic trays with fruit - purple grapes and a stone fruit. I make it to the gym but my friend has made new unusual friends talking over a plate of broccoli

I am by a stream with clean

I am by a stream with clean water and there are fruits all around sweet green cherries and grapefruit and the grass is green all around