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I start off at my school, I

I start off at my school, I leave as the bell rings at the end of the day. My crush who was at his car looked at me as if confused. Then the setting changed to a forest. In the middle of the forest there was a huge tree with 7 tombstone in front of it. The tombstones were shaped like hands, big enough to sit on and there were names inscribed on them in Greek. My crush appeared and we fought using magic. Then he pinned me to a tree and kissed me then disappeared.

In any event, I got out of

In any event, I got out of the building and I was in the huge area with a bunch of really large buildings that were all connected seemingly. The first one I was in looked like a large lobby of a hotel. The ceiling was really high and it looked like Greek or Roman architecture...most of the buildings did for that matter. There didn't seem to be many walls though and just a few people in the lobby. Then passing thru the lobby I came to a large park. Not really a park becuase it looked like it was inside the building. There were only walls on the three sides not the one I had come in from. There were rows and rows of seating where I came in and then the lake then a large area where there were 5 people putting on a concert with harps....yeah harps. To the left was another wall with other stuff...people sitting and some art on the wall that was like roman theater type old. Then I realized that I had a bottle of wine and a subway sandwich and you were there. You were wearing a yellow shirt and some kind of a skirt. Don't ask me why I know it was yellow because you're not supposed to see color in your dreams and I don't remember actually seeing color. No matter. So, we started to walk around the left side of the pool that's where I saw the roman theater art and you weren't there. I remember thinking you had gone to find us a place to sit and eat our sandwich. The the band changed to another group with trumpets and stuff. Then I remember this little kid kept following me and hanging on to me. I got a little frustrated, pulled him off of me and threw him into the lake. lolll.... I looked down into the lake afraid that he might drown and he popped up and I pulled him out and told him "quit clinging to me and I won't throw you into the lake". I remember looking into the lake and thinking the water was a nice light blue and deep with a rocky shelf part way down. Not sure why. So, then I started looking for you and couldn't find you. I started back the way I had come and eventually found you. You said that you were looking all over for me too. The weird part was that you had changed your shirt. You had on a black shirt and black and white skirt this time. And you had drank the whole bottle of wine but you still had the sandwich I think.

I was at my grandma’s house with

I was at my grandma’s house with my parents, siblings and cousins. The house was very clean and we are sitting around a glass table. My grandma is a very traditional Greek housewife so she offered me milk. But I tried to be polite and get it myself. I walked to the cabinet and grabed a small glass, then I walked to the fridge to get the half gallon of skim milk. I sat down and began to drink the milk. While I drank, my brother, Alex, went to the freezer which was an endless rectangle that went really far back. My brother got out a big ice cream carton and gave it to me and I began to eat even though it was not my favorite flavor of ice cream. Then my brother pulled out another ice cream container and gave it to my sister, Kelsey, to eat even though it was not her favorite flavor either. Next my brother pulled out smaller containers of ice cream for each of my cousins and each of those ice creams were the favorite flavor of the cousin that he passed it to and everyone ate happily. As I ate my ice cream I realized that I had run out of milk and wanted more. But when I looked for the half gallon, I realized that the milk had disappeared. Fortunately I was able to find a different carton of milk and this one was a full gallon. I looked closer at the carton and realized that it was going to expire in 3 days. Thinking it would be helpful; I put my small glass in the sink and took a large glass from the cabinet so that I would be able to drink more of the milk before it went bad. So I poured a large glass of milk for myself, to drink while I ate my ice cream. To my surprise, the glass of milk that I had poured was actually chocolate milk. My cousin, Kristin, prefers chocolate milk and assumed that I had poured the glass for her. Kristin stood up and took the glass and said, “Thank you”, then sat down. I still wanted some milk, and to my delight, the half gallon of regular milk appeared. When I reached for another glass, it slipped out of my hand and shattered on the ground so I grabbed another glass, but that one slipped and shattered. This dropping and shattering kept happening until my dad, Pete, interjected. He said “You keep taking the big glasses, you should take the smaller ones.” I heard this and thought to myself, That is completely unrelated to distressing situation at hand, but I didn’t say that. Then I woke up.

It is a Greek garden and i'm

It is a Greek garden and i'm watching my friends play the all the plants die and the skies go black wolves appear and start attacking them but befor i can get to them i wake up



I was looking at houses to purchase.

I was looking at houses to purchase. I was walking with my mother over a green mountain and found this one house that looked like a fallen down home. It almost looked like an old worship place with a Greek statue of a woman in the middle. All around were dead bats.

Talking to aunt about some thing in

Talking to aunt about some thing in some kind of swamp. See an aligator or croc, Cant tell diffrence. I say some thing along the lines of oh my god. She says some thing about it having to do with gps Look behind me there is a path with a wood fence, a bear comes in the opening roars, walks away. I look away, it charges me Hits me in the gut or lower. Morphs into a bull, then black out. wake up a asian friend house at my old appartment. looking for some thing dont know what, Search for 5 min then leave. Walk over to the appartment pools, a few people there standing still as statues. Notice some one in a weird black mask and robe following me, Forget about them and go around the pool Girl comes up behind me, i think i love her. We go up to the appartment i used to live at and go in. Green carpet almost empty kinda trashed. Looking very poor. eat etc, then black out again. Wake up in some kind of camp on a hill over looking a forest and a wide open grassy plain. Lots of people there mostly kids 17-24 go into some sort of hut see girls i think i know. Remember talking about a car or some thing, or a horse. and the horse needing gas Decide i want to go back home, some girl comes with me and we go to look for fuel, we run down a road on the side of the hill bordering both the forest and the open plain. Feels kinda trench like. Hear screaming moaning and powerful booming voices up the road and see a fight. Best guess it would be greek gods? Keep running i run ahead of girl and lose track of her. run a bit down the road and see what i would say is an army of snakes Just thousands of snakes. And then i run back up the hill to the camp and while im running i notice a few hundred bow and arrows Most of them are lighting yellow a few red ones, some blue. And one black one. The yellow ones are themed like lightning blots And so are the arrows. I stop to think to pick one up i reach down to do it. Then i wake up