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I was a water girl for the

I was a water girl for the football game. And I was sleepy and this boy I liked was taking care of me. I was falling asleep on the bench and he kissed me on the forehead. And we went back to the locker room and to change. I came to his changing area with friends and we talked. It was very awkward because my friends made it awkward. He was saying I looked good, and I was blushing. I went back to his changing area alone. We kissed and then start dating.

I dreamed that a couple of people

I dreamed that a couple of people I know were hanging out with my ex girlfriend and posted pictures on their snapchat stories. I snarked to a friend about not wanting to see the pictures, but then I somehow ended up hanging out with them. At one point my ex’s new girlfriend whispered to her asking if I was her ex, to which she said no, that I was just some girl that either she went out on a date with once or who was obsessed with her (I can’t quite remember). She said something similar very publicly multiple times in real life, so it stung. Then I crawled on top of her and started choking her, just enough to make her listen. I told her that was bullshit, that we were in love (we actually did say “I love you” at one point in real life), and that you can’t just pretend a relationship didn’t happen. Then I let go, and the next thing I remember is hearing that she died later on while eating crackers. The whole thing felt really satisfying in the dream, but freaked me out when I woke up.

I was standing next to a car

I was standing next to a car with an attractive man. It was his car and it was a very nice one. I was wondering if he liked opera music when he asked me to go to an R&B concert. I said yes. The date was months away and I asked him why he didn't ask me closer to the date. He opened the car door and I got inside. I noticed I had a pretty dress on,and that I had pretty legs. He told me to put my legs inside the car, but they were already inside. He told me again, but they were still inside. He closed the car door and the car started driving away. I grabbed the wheel and started steering and he jumped on the car runner and was hanging on. I told him to get in the car but he didn't seem able to. He told me to get in the driver's seat,but I didn't think I could. We were coming up on an intersection and it looked like we might hit the cross traffic, but then the light turned green and I thought "we're okay". I wasn't afraid, I was calm. Then I woke up.

Alot alot alot of spiders hanging from

Alot alot alot of spiders hanging from iak a flower in a closet. when i went to get rid of them they were sucked up in a hole in the ceiling of closet. then they popped back out they were black.

Me and the guy ive been dating

Me and the guy ive been dating for a little under 3months were hanging out. We stopped by his place and he's doing what he's doing im looking around and i see loads of pictures of him n the same girl. Family pictures. Then the girl from the pictures using a key walks through the door. She calls for the guy and sets to make ouy with him but he stops it and asks what shes doing. He grabs his stuff and leads me back to the car, in silence. We don't say a word to each for thw rest of the journey

I was on a boat with my

I was on a boat with my family. Two of my cousins, My Grandparents and myself. Me and my cousins were playing with their cat. For some reasons I was anxious about sharks even though I love sharks. Eventually my Grandfather stood up and look at the temperature gauge and whatever measures wind speed. He told us that the temperature kept changing from really cold to really hot. The largest was up to almost a 300 degrees difference. Then the wind speed kept going up and down. Fast to slow. My Grandma said something along the lines of "An Act of God?" And I'll I said was "God?" And then I woke up.

I had a dream that i was

I had a dream that i was smoking cigarettes, and I actually really hate smoking. I was hanging out with someone, and it was nighttime. I know it was serene. that is all i remember