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I am with a guy who I've

I am with a guy who I've history with before. I haven't seen him in a very long time and we're chatting in a supermarket. Then a girl who I suspect of liking him comes along all chirpy wondering what I am doing with my life. She leaves and we both go to the basement with friends and they start playing computer games and we start kissing. Then they say they are leaving so I tag along but they're gonna already. I get into the elevstor and press the highest button and it says 65. The elevator is going up and as it's moving its getting smaller. Feeling of unease. The doors open and I don't know where I'm going. I'm on the roof. I try to press the button to go back down but a plectrum pops out underneath the emergency button

We were at my friends ranch house

We were at my friends ranch house and all of my friends were there. I was under a table that was covered with a black sheet and all of a sudden my best friend and her crush was there too. They kissed and I ran out from under the table. I was freaked out and I tried to text my boyfriend to tell him, but my hands wouldn't let me. Next thing I know i'm in my history class.

Afetr a long time I go to

Afetr a long time I go to my college to meet my professors and I see the whole college in under construction. Couple of departments are working. I asked couple of people I saw where was History department. they showed me the way. But I got lost in that huge building. I coulnt find my way out. I passed through many doors and stairs. I couldnt find anyone or the way out. At last i was in the basement where it was full of construstion material. It was a low ceiling so i had to crawling. I was feeling scared and suffocated. I saw one guy at the entrance but i dont know looked like a labour. I didnt make noise because if he sees that i am alone may be he would come and rape. I kept quiet till he left. I woke up from my sleep and so that i was scared shivering because of cold and my toes and fingers were cold and couldnt move them for a long time