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I was driving drunk and drifting the

I was driving drunk and drifting the road and my head lights wouldn't work. My friend mac was in the passenger sear and pointed out that they weren't working. I ended up at my friend kirstens house with a weird group of people. WE Were all hanging out and I was trying to hook uo with a girl. I left we thought the cops came. I followed my friend bailey down mainstreet he pulled off behind one of the buildings. No one was around and all lights were off. I parked and a truck with a trailer that had a cage around it was full of scary criminals and clowns. It stopped on the other side of the road across from me. I sat there until one of the guys in black baggy pants and shirt got out and came toward me. I then left and drove to a near by gas station in thinnest town over, I parked there until a group of basketball players came to get there cars because they were car polling.

I was in a church and then

I was in a church and then I got in a fight to protect a friend. After that, church was over and I saw a girl I knew that was blatantly trying to hook up with this guy but failed then I walk up and make a sarcastic joke about it. Later I'm walking out of church and see another girl I know with my high school principal. The girl then says she has to arrest me and does. I then woke up.

So from what I remember, I was

So from what I remember, I was speeding home driving very recklessly and in a major rush it seemed, I cut off cars went when it was my turn to go. But when I got home finally I stepped out of my truck and walked back to just the middle of the road, (I live in a survey so not to far away) and I called my mom and told her to "get out quickly" and she kinda said like what? Then my house shook and moved with the wind, and I heated her say "NOO" then it moved again and collapsed the phone like hung up and I ran towards my house and then woke up with my heart beating s

I'm in my garage and I check

I'm in my garage and I check outside to the side of the house I see Priya and jivaan. and all of the sudden Priya shows up and my moms there so I shut the garage like door I think that's what's it's called. But she knows the code cause she has it and then jivan comes and I'm Hellah scared idk where my mom went but they were calm and made me sit down. All of sudden I hear cars coming and songs blasting. And they cover me to protect me. Out comes some guys that's like two years older and one sticks out. He was wearing all black. Had one of those Desi earrings. And the beard style that's going and that hair too. Apparently based on the vibe and the way dream was working I knew the guy as if he's a ex. Like I was stubborn and ignoring him and abit scared. So he pushes them as in jivan and Priya away and is like glad to see you again. And I of course acted stubborn. So he jus smirked. My parents were jus watch cause I guess they knew him. Anyways he's talking to my parents and it's now abit dark not too dark. So I leave the garage and then I come back to say you guys better not do something stupid. And I see they are already all gone. So I go back to walking away from this guy. Now it's Hellah dark. I walk out with anger and jus pissed off I was wearing my red Aeropostale hoodie. And jeans. So I'm walking and walking. Until I feel someone beside me. I look to the left and there he is. And he's just watching me. And I'm like what he'll do you want from me and I keep going on and on. And he just listens. He's lets go back now. I'm like with you Hellah no. And then he becomes more rude with his tone. Guys like we are going now. Then he drags me to the car but I get him to let go of me and I just run. And he caught me cause come on I can't run for shit. Then I think he had taken something and tied me to him it was like some hook. I was so pissed off. We're walking back to my house but we pass by and he lets me go cause I'm calm now. I just break down. And I'm like why are you even here. Then we are near this barn or something and I stand against the wall and he comes too close to my liking and kisses me.

I was working for this lady. I

I was working for this lady. I got a letter stating the business was moving to China. I didn't know if it included me. So I went to ask what was going to happen to me. She said I can go did I want to? I said I always wanted to go to China. I had to get my passport. I asked when was she was leaving. She said the 28th. I said wow that's soon how about I come down the week after. She shook her head no. Then I saw the boys eating a sandwich. And my oldest son Caleb said the one who made this sandwich its great. Youngest son there but he did not say anything. Then my husband was at this door.I think it was at some nonprofit organization. They were moving beds. My husband just left them and got in the car with me. I said did you tell them you were leaving. He said no they know and if something happens then I am going to lose it.

Creamt the bed shook and I was

Creamt the bed shook and I was being held down. I struggled to awake and separated from my body and saw myself lying in bed and saw a small female figure wearing a white robe embroidered around the sleeves in blue. She was floating in the air just out of sight at the foot of the bed. When she saw me standing and seeing her she had an embarrassed look on her face then she disappeared.

I worked on a project with rose

I worked on a project with rose Reid and then she kissed me. Band and showchoir were rehearsing and I hooked up with a boy in a hidden area during show choir's rehearsal, and then I tried to get Terry Reid to come hookup with me there but we didn't want his friends to see him come in. Marie Howell gave me beads for secret Santa and Sarah dobrzynsky tried to claim them as hers and I told her they were mine and then she said Marie gave me a crappy gift. I had to drive 2 people home but I couldn't find my red Prius in the huge high school parking lot and I saw Lauren from work on the way to find my car and we chatted.

I had a dream that my friend

I had a dream that my friend hooked up with the guy Im talking to before she introduced us and didn't tell me. In the dream I found out that they were hooking up when I was at her house and he was blowing up her phone instead of mine.

I was with my family in antarctica

I was with my family in antarctica the sky was dark like it is at twilight it was cold and there was water ocean all around us we were standing on an icy rock formation near the edge of the water icebergs on the coast the sky started to rumble with thunder and then lightning cracked like a clock striking the time the water shook and it felt like a sonic boom each time i was wearing flip flops sandals