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In the dream, I was watching a

In the dream, I was watching a scene from the movie Spawn where the Violator clown tells Spawn he will come back when Spawn's armor hardens and all but things were a little different in the scene. When the clown stopped next to the garbage can and opens the pizza box, instead of maggots being on the pizza, there were long, thin, stringy worms on the pizza. He says the same bit he said in the movie about hating anchovies and he grabs a slice of the worm pizza and takes a bite and there was a loud crunching sound and the worms screeched and he walks off talking about how it tastes so good he would kick himself (in the movie he said it tastes so good he could kick some puppies) and then of course Spawn trashes the area and talks about getting his hands on Wynn and leaves. Suddenly, everything turned dark for a second, except showing both Spawn's head and the clown's head facing each other with their mouths open as if they were shouting. At the same time, two beams of energy emitted from their mouths and collided (Spawn's energy beam was green while the clown's was blue) and the combined color of the energy shot straight up into the sky and formed a large energy ball. A weird, female computer-ish voice spoke up saying "in a few days, two forces will unleash a power so great that the world has ever seen. During this event, there will be no rejoice, no wedding, no tears of joy. Out of the chaos will arise a figure, which people all over the world will great as a long lost friend. Those that don't are quickly rounded up and executed without warning. Though many are executed, resistance still continues throughout the world." and that's all I heard. During this "prophetic speech" images show of people in turmoil before a figure with its face hidden appears above a large crowd and many began to smile and everything. Those that weren't were indeed gathered up and executed but the only thing I saw them do is put large groups of people onto one big boat and then sink it with all of them on-board. Around when the voice spoke of resistance, a large white rabbit with red eyes was running along a snowy bank next to what I am guessing is the ocean and it appeared to be morning but has a borealis effect going on. The rabbit was chased by a couple of people on horseback around a corner. The rabbit then stopped and looked at them before a group of people popped out from behind cover and fired at the horsemen (whether it was guns or arrows, I don't know nor could I tell which was resistance and which was the loyalists) and then I woke up.

A Horsbarn with 3 floors and Balconies.

A Horsbarn with 3 floors and Balconies. One beutiful brown Arabien Horse was ready to jump down to the ground from the 2. floor. The Horse kept looking down a few times to make sure it would land save. Than it jumped pulling all 4 legs tight together and it landed perfectly secure..

The first thing I remember is being

The first thing I remember is being in a boarding school kinda house with at least 15 other girls and a headmistress. Suddenly, a guy (about 25-35 years old) walks in and starts shooting everyone. The headmistress and I are the only ones left, so we run (not together). I end up in the garden and try to ride a horse that is standing there (I did some horsebackriding a couple of years back) but fall off as the horse jumps. I remember that there is a school car and run inside to grab the keys. As I turn to run towards the car, he stands there, brings the gun towards my head but doesn't shoot me. Instead, he takes my head into a headlock and guides me outside where the headmistress is running for her life. Suddenly, i realise that we're not on the countryside in some old boarding school but right outside of my house. He shoots the head mistress, he takes me back inside and some sexual activity takes place. After that we run together and when I'm freed by the cops, I help him escape and we run off again.

I was driving to work, I noticed

I was driving to work, I noticed as I passed by a bad wreck. The car had hit a telephone pole causing total damage to the front end. People surrounded the car. But I continued on to work. As I was pulling into my my jobs parking lot I noticed a female lion running about. That's when I noticed A mother horse dead with her throat ripped out. Her baby was at her feet writhing from the pain that it's mother was dead. As i began to look around I noticed several horses scattered around dead. My job has nothing to do with animals of any kind. Then I noticed a small mound of dirt and twigs I don't know why but I started digging under it and found a live infant so skinny with a white dress with blue flowers.