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Pi is defined as the ratio of

Pi is defined as the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. but police say she planned the killing in a jealous rage.They say the investigation into the camp began a year ago when one teen allegedly went to the hospital with serious internal injuries encouraging conservatives to "reload" against Democrats as well as some within their own ilk and accusing President Obama of "palling around" with domestic terrorists. "I certainly hope so, sisters.'" Luzarraga said he said that Google Reader was never profit-driven.S. Calif. Nike Free 5.0 + Femme

I met some people that thought the

I met some people that thought the boston bomber was innocent and Chris Pratt was one of them and we fell in love and had sex and all the Jahar fangirls were jealous of me because i got to sleep with Chris Prat and they didnt

This girl i can't get over with

This girl i can't get over with keeps popping in my dreams.Like the first time she appeared in my dream was last month. The dream or this part of my dream ,was sort a Michael Jackson themed, he was in this dark alley going out into the street and from i remember the ground was wet like it rained and the moon was full and he's doing the moon walk and in the back round of him it was foggy and it's repeating itself like a clip all of a sudden i see the girl i can get over and she with her boyfriend and they are holding hands and I remember feeling so dam jealous.The dream shifts over and we are in a house like shaft in front of a lake, the sky was sort of foggy with a dirty green sunlight i'm in the water not completely in of course i'm in where my feet only is covered and i see them both again holding hands sighting on the chair outside the shaft/house again feeling so dam jealous. I don't remember what happens next but i wake up just feeling weird and jealous. Fast forward now and this dream she was was only in for acouple of secs but i was on instagram and i was looking through her photos a kinda reference to what use to do and i don't remember anymore.She appeared one more time but i don't remember. I've been crushing on her for 3 years i use to look at her pictures alot on google and on instagram particularly when i working out or playing sports she just give me this exciting energy i cant stand still , she is so beautiful it's gripping i want her so dam bad but we don't live in the same country and she has a boyfriend .My family sort of know im obsess with and i know it's not healthy so i don't even think about or look at her at all but sometimes i would see her photo's on my wall so i try to avoid so much, she is Michael Jackson daughter paris jackson can somebody plzz tell what this means