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I am in travelling back with an

I am in travelling back with an old school friend the car flips before i can get in the car, the car is filled with sand and we carry on our journey if nothing had happened, there is an artist in the car and he is using the sand to make a picture using paints of various colours to make a lion surrounded by flowers, we drive for a while and arrive at a train tracks, the tracks are packed with different shops and I find myself surrounded by people we make our way along the tracks, the artist guy buys an icecream eats it and then isnt seen in the dream again, we go in a few of the shops along the walk picking up rice balls and a black and white hamster along the way. when we reach the end of the tracks I am greeted by a firework display and a mass of people jumping through the air its beautiful and I tke some photos but look around and realize that I no longer see anyone that I know, I am left alone holding the hamster and have to find my own way home then I woke up.

Well, My dream begun with me on

Well, My dream begun with me on a trampoline. I was jumping on it alone. It was dark, the area only lit by moonlight. And I was just so gifted at doing aerobatics. I got a sense of acomplishment, a sense of acceptance, a sense of being well liked. I was charsmatic, smart, and so talented in many things. It was a perfect life, it was a perfect society. I remember the last moments of my dream. My mom was pulling out to go to work. I stopped her (this is where I get confused) I can't remember what I told her, but I just remember watching her leave. I was standing there and it was as if I was in a movie because I begun looking at myself in 3 person. It was like I was standing in my dream analyzing and figuring out everything about it. Then it was like a camera panning out for a wider shot. I didn't see my actual self anymore, I just saw me in my own dream, I saw we were living in my old childhood house. That was the end of the dream.

I had a dream involving a man

I had a dream involving a man who is a possible love interest but we never have a chance to hang out. In the dream he was very sweet and then he became very forceful and mean. I tried to talk to him but he became violent and turned into a different person, a woman actually. By the end she was threatening me and slamming my door yet still took her trash away but she kept jumping back at the door if she saw me walk by . When she did this I directed my dog who viciously scared here away and I flipped her off. I then woke up instantly once I turned my back from the door

I was floating away, jumping from hill

I was floating away, jumping from hill to hill in the desert, from the United States Military Army. They were chasing me and when I got trapped, I surrendered but they shot me anyway. I didn't feel the pain, but I was bleeding. I stepped toward the Chief and he asked me why did I do the things I've done and why am I different from others. Why I don't follow what others do. I told him it was because I was free and that I could do anything I wanted. He didn't believe me and when I asked him why he joined the army, he said because he was pressured by his peers and family and he started crying. I hugged him, assuring that he will be okay.