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I was in a jungle lost. THERE

I was in a jungle lost. THERE WAS different paths to take, i felt scared. Something was lurking in the jungle, Then a white tiger with no stripes was in front of me. In my face. Then it turned into a handsome man kissing me. it felt lovely but not sexual.

I dreamed that I was in a

I dreamed that I was in a jungle and was sitting on a throne as a queen and there were another woman with me and she was sitting next to me on a throne as a queen also we got tired so we decided to sit down in the thrones for a rest while sitting there our hands arms and legs were locked down by shackles where we could not move at all we were bound to the thrones we were sitting on . then we heard someone said they wanted to make us look like some goddess woman from a longtime ago so they put us through a mold in the wall and we were laid on the table to create us to look like the goddess she had one eye bigger than the other but she was beautiful. we were in a cave like place where there were a lot of trees around us.

One day whenn i was sleeping, i

One day whenn i was sleeping, i dreamt that i am running in the jungle and someone is chasing me from my behind having axe in my hand..Then he hammered me with the axe .. i felt as if my sholuders have been cut apart a little bit but i am safe and still running.

I was in a jungle resort with

I was in a jungle resort with my sister chatting away. There was monkeys all around just hanging out and conversing among themselves.

I dreamt it was one o' clock

I dreamt it was one o' clock and I had to get to someone by 1:30. I started off in a bad part of a city where there were muggers and thugs whom I had to run from in heels. Somehow I instantly ended up in a jungle being chased by actual Africans. I ran through the jungle and jumped in a large body of water and swam to a cliff I had to climb. Afterwards I ended up walking along a very long bridge over the water until the Africans found me again. Afterwards I fought a few but there were too many I had to run, they also out ran me so in a moment of fear I panicked and back flipped of the bridge and into the water where I swam away still as determined if not more to get to him by 1:30. I missed him.

I was running through the jungle, with

I was running through the jungle, with the tiger from the Jungle Book chasing me. In front of me appeared a floating door that read, no tigers allowed. I went in, and it turned into Chuck E. Cheese.

I was at the party I saw

I was at the party I saw in real life watching a cartoon movie, The Jungle Book 2 with a different ending to it. A girl called Shanti was grunting climbing a dead tree, and music was playing. everything in the jungle was on fire and there was dust and smoke everywhere. Everything was ruined and it looked all brown. The ground was dirty. A bear was throwing a toddler boy from hand to hand left to right and he was laughing and happy. Shanti looked disappointed and they were all trying to escape the jungle.