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There is a large door in front

There is a large door in front of me. I am holding an old rusty key chain with three keys, small, medium and one very long key. they are facing down. the long one moves up till it is sticking straight out. A hand takes my hand and lifts it up and puts it in the key hole and I turn the key. the door unlocks and falls down. the door is over a river of running water. I can now cross over the water

The first thing I remember is being

The first thing I remember is being in a boarding school kinda house with at least 15 other girls and a headmistress. Suddenly, a guy (about 25-35 years old) walks in and starts shooting everyone. The headmistress and I are the only ones left, so we run (not together). I end up in the garden and try to ride a horse that is standing there (I did some horsebackriding a couple of years back) but fall off as the horse jumps. I remember that there is a school car and run inside to grab the keys. As I turn to run towards the car, he stands there, brings the gun towards my head but doesn't shoot me. Instead, he takes my head into a headlock and guides me outside where the headmistress is running for her life. Suddenly, i realise that we're not on the countryside in some old boarding school but right outside of my house. He shoots the head mistress, he takes me back inside and some sexual activity takes place. After that we run together and when I'm freed by the cops, I help him escape and we run off again.

I live with a woman. who apparently

I live with a woman. who apparently is my mother where I have to take care of the monsters and insane people downstairs by slaughtering them(every day things a closer and closer to killing me). I get a visit from my oldest brother which do not have the same family in the dream. I give him a code for some child film for his newborn daughter. I manage after some while to get adopted from the family which also have adopted my little brother. My old mom doesn't allow that and send a man after us to prevent me from escaping. after an intense car chase my father get brutally murdered, where we are at nighttime at a abandoned trailer and the man tries to take the keys, but I make kick my dead father out on top of him and drives away with my littlebrother in the back. We try to get to a save space without being noticed. All of a sudden we're on a train towards hambourg but I notice the man and someone else enter the coupe, where we hide underneath the seats

I was walking on a busy college

I was walking on a busy college campus and there were people everywhere. I was walking to a specific destination. Among all the people were some I knew and some I did not. The odd part of this was my nose was running and I was using tissue. I was very aware that I was running out of tissue and I was looking for another in my pocket. When I got to the doors to go in I didn't have y keys to get in for me or the student who followed me.

I end up being friends with my

I end up being friends with my ex boyfriend after an incident where he put his hands around my throat. he apologizes and says that he only wants to be with me and that he's sorry. I take his phone and see that he's talking to all of these other girls. I go to a hotel with his phone and can't seem to find my room. I search everywhere for it. I finally make it into a room and realize that he has my keys. I try to get them back but he won't meet me to give them to me, so I can't go anywhere. I tell him that I have his phone and that I'd give it to him if he gives me my keys. all the while girls are constantly messaging him while he tells me that he's done with everybody but me.

I was doing something when my boyfriend

I was doing something when my boyfriend asked me something to get in the room and we're wearing the same t shirt same color yellow but when we were there keys were broken so i checked them one by one as i koved it, it was a rosary so i trurned it slowly then i saw an old friend ask her to open our room because she has a key and suddenly we are on a white beautiful bed having sex

My best friend and recent lover leaves

My best friend and recent lover leaves early for work. my ex dumps rubbish and furniture on my drive whilst I'm asleep. an unknown man with keys to my house lets himself in to clear up the mess. I go back to bed and wake up to find my best friend/recent lover in bed with me