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I just had the weirdest dream. So

I just had the weirdest dream. So I dreamed of small four black rats much like the ones in the Cinderella story.They were helping me and they were my pets. Usually in real life I wouldn't go anywhere near rats, but in the dream I was glad to know they were helping me. Anyways things had started to go south soon enough. Someone (i don't remember who. The dream is kind of fading away now) warned me about the rats and influenced me to kill them. But I remember arguing with that person because I didn't enjoy the idea of killing an animal. However, I did it anyways in the end. After seeing the rats eat and just when the night got darker and everyone was drifting off to bed, I ended up successfully suffocating the rats with a white pillow. For some reason I felt relief because whatever danger was coming that I was told about was now over. But then the rats came back as ghost after the lights turned on. They were angry and haunting me and threatening to nibble at my feet. For some reason I thought that if I pretended to mourn over their death they would leave me alone. It worked or it didn't because I don't remember much now. I woke up very quickly after that feeling very confused and disturbed. I never have a dream like this so I'm kind of weirded out now and I was hoping to know what this means.

I was hiding in a house across

I was hiding in a house across from Mt child hood home because there was a demon living there. He mutilated several bodies and hung them on the power line poles. He put animal head carcasses on them too. I was Hindi from him because I knew he was killing people but I didn't speak up. Two officers came to my house and the demon had possessed one of the men, but he looked like the cat in the hat character. He told me it was all my fault and I was responsible for all of it and I was going to get in trouble for it. So I strangled him until he died and had to leave that body.