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I saw that I am in place

I saw that I am in place where the floor is covered with ice and it is smooth. I saw Jesus Christ & Dalai Lama standing close to each other. Jesus Christ was wearing a saffron color robe with a reddish orange shawl. I saw them and went to Jesus Christ and hugged Him. Dalai Lama was smiling at me. The background of this place were ice covered mountains. Jesus Christ showed me a pond and Lord Krishna was sitting by the pond. I went to Lord Krishna and bend my head to touch his feet for blessings. His feet was under the water. Despite touching his feet which was under the water, I did not get wet. By then Jesus Christ & Dalai Lama disappeared in the sky. Lord Krishna looked at me and smiled. I also smiled back to him. Then my body changed into a tiny spot which got merged into Lord Krishna's heart.