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My son and I were chased by

My son and I were chased by lions, but did not kill us were went into a building and got away

My son and I were in the

My son and I were in the wilderness and I was sitting next to a pond swap when I looked up I saw like three lions charging our way. I grabbed my son and we started running as fast as possible we found a building and went inside we were added then I woke up.

I dreamt i was being circled by

I dreamt i was being circled by lions last night so climbed up onto a swing trying to get away from them - very odd ...... wondering if your the Lion

I was driving and freaking out because

I was driving and freaking out because I was going to be late. I took a while to find a parking spot when I got there but immediately after I park the entire setting changed. There were no more cars other than mine and the building was no longer tall and shining, but intead dark and creepy. A tall boy with short but shaggy blonde hair was standing there in a grey hoodie and some jeans. He held is hand out for me and told me to hurry up. I grabbed his hand and ran with him into the building. When I got in there I started to feel extremely hesitate and I had a bad feeling, but he tried to reassure me about it all. We sat on a couch in a dark room and talked. Then a lady came there and started telling us we needed to hurry and leave. He refused and I got scared again. Then the girl disappeared. I looked to my left and saw this giant, lumming, black figure with a white mask appear with a screeching sound. Me and the boy ran out of the building. Millions of cars and people appeared to be running away from the creature too. Soon I saw the boy realise my hand and jump into a car. He called out for me but someone else got in the car and there was no more room. The doors locked and I watched as he pressed his hand onto the window and looked at me with fear and sadness. I turned around and continued to run, fighting back the tears. I ran into a couple of people and tripped once nearly falling to the ground only to catch myself at the last minute. I saw this one girl fall and struggle to get back up with all the people running around. I ran to her, grabbed her hand, and started to run with her. We soon made it to a car as a mother put two children into the back of the van. We asked if we could ride with her. She said yes and hurriedly let us in before locking the doors and taking off. The car soon came to a stop while on a bridge and I saw the figure appear outside the window. I heard a scream and I bent over and cover my head with my hands as I closed my eyes tightly. I looked up and saw the kids were gone and the girl was in the position I was moments ago. The figure soon appeared again and hovered over the girl. It completely covered her, and in a swirl of black, disappeared. I then covered my head again and tightly closing my eyes as I felt a tear slip out.