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I was inside a building with a

I was inside a building with a few people I don't know. It was daylight but when I looked up at the sky it was night and I could see the stars twinkling and shooting stars. Outside some caterpillar were falling from the sky with pointed bottoms attaching everyone outside. I was safe inside. Then some mosquitos started attacking and killing the people outside.

I running in a green grass filed

I running in a green grass filed and there was this huge tall tree with big thick branches and lots of green leaves i was standing underneath it and i looked up to see the tree branches reach up to the sky and you can barley see the night sky i was thinking wow how beatyiful this tree is it must been around for a long time welll i was running from somthing that made me feel like i had to be careful so i saw my step dad who has passed away watering the grass and he was talking to me about something and i was helping him pick up the yard and i saw a baby tree laying on the floor with it roots out the ground and my dad said put it in the ground and it will grow up like the big tree over ther so i planted the baby tree and then some flaying bugs that were killer bees cross over with termites that when they stunk you . you died swarming around us and my dad was wetinging them and i ran to the big tree and grab a water hose and started spraying them in a circler motion apove my head and then i ran to my dad and he was still watering the grass and said the water kills them and i saw my baby tree that i plated little biger tilted out the grtound and my dad said it a goner and stop watering it and i yalled out and ran toward the baby tree and said no it still can be saved and i picked it up and the roots were alll stringand shreed it and i look up and saw a whole millions of bees/termites coming out the trunk of the tree and i started wetting the trunk and the leaves and they wer flying all around me and i wouldnt runaway i didnt care if i got stung and died i tryed my best to not get stunk and save the baby tree but i had to run to the big tree before they got to that one and killed the last one because if it dead that ment the tree was are onlything that was keeping our world alive becasue the everything around us was distroyed so i hurry up and grab the water hose turn the water high and started soaking the tunk of the tree and branches and flying over me were bees termites and i was spraying waterhose as much as i can and then i started climing the branches trying to reach as far to the top of the old tree to save as much as i can

I had a dream where my parents

I had a dream where my parents and little brother and I were shopping at this mall that has appreared in my dreams before. While shopping, we decided to get the baby sitter to take care of my brother and everything was fine. We then decided to go see a movie so we drove like two minutes to the one beside the mall. We parked and there was a gang there and they were hanging about, but I noticed something weird when i looked up at the sky. These fake looking silver things were sparkling. Then i pointed it out to my parents and then it was clear that they were UFO's now, and that they were upducting a hidden cop car in the parkinglot. Then we decided a change of plans and quickly got in the car and drove away, but the UFO's were chasing us.

I returned to my car feeling good.

I returned to my car feeling good. A little boy climbed into the car with me, (The car became a one seater). When I tried to drive away, the car was driving funny. I got out and checked the tyres and they had all been slashed. All four tyres were flat. As I looked up, A man with a beard walked out with a gun in his hand and pointed it at me with the intention of shooting me. I turned to run away and fell silently... then I woke up

I dreamt that a very large man

I dreamt that a very large man fell down the steps and alot of his teeth fell out of his mouth.then he dave a small.freen shirt to another man..I counted 4 spoons...I looked up in the sky and black matter was coming out.of the sky just in one.spot...i jumped in a car.with a man who made.me feel safe.when i got out of the car i noticed that my purse was on the back of the trunk.

I was standing at the top of

I was standing at the top of the stairs about to descend,when I looked up to see a massive spider out of all proportion,I was transfixed,it was walking along the ceiling,when suddenly it grew wings it was heading straight for me ,I ducked the flying spider went into my bedroom ,I closed the door and continued down the stairs.

For the past 2 day's I've had

For the past 2 day's I've had similar dreams. They are both different, but the same thing happens in some shape or form. In the first dream, I was with a choir. It was a big day for us. A big performance was coming. Before the performance, though, we had to sing while someone took pictures. I remember my picture being awful, my mouth was open way too much. All most in an unnatural way. And then we individually sang a song. But I didn't know mine. It was for a grade, so I would have to take it again sometime. Then I was on a roof. Kind of a balcony on the roof. A tall glass building. I'm guessing about 10 stories up. And a girl said it was time to retake it. She had a camera. For some reason, I didn't think I was supposed to sing that song, which I didn't know. And I remember a song in my head. In reality I've never heard of it. It was completely new and it sounded like it could be an extremely popular song. It was a pop song. And the lyrics were really good. I was going to sing the song, but then I suddenly forgot it. And I instead sang Sweet Escape. The girl interupted and told me I wasn't singing the right song. I remember in the dream feeling constant embarrassment. There was a lot more in the dream, that right now I can't quite recall, but that is all in the dream about the choir. In the second dream, I was back in time. I was, I'm guessing, around the 1930's. In reality I'm 15 years old. But for some reason in this time setting my mom was younger. I can't recall how younger. Anyways, I was in a school. I had gym. And I remember being rather unpopular... but that doesn't matter. Later on, I had a big choir performance. On stage, big crowd, lights out, everything was about to start. I was on the top row. There were only four other girls there with me. We were all on the left side. All the other rows were crowded, but there was a clearing in the middle. We were singing Ring Christmas Bells. For some reason, my voice was awful. I sang quietly because of it. It was out of tone and scratchy. At some point the girls and I on the top row were going to do a little routine. I didn't know about it, but I went along with it. I went on the other side. Me and one of the other girls were supposed to spin around each other. From this point imagine the stage from a side angle. The rows of the stage horizontal. She thought was supposed to go right and me left. But for some reason I knew I was supposed to go right. I was determined to stay on the right side. She kept on giving my a funny look. Obviously signaling for me to go to the other side. I didn't. We briefly bumped into each other before she went on the other side. At some point in the song, the choir was supposed to be quiet. I didn't know and continued singing the song. Rather quietly, still. But people heard and gave my funny looks. I stopped, embarrassed. Somehow, I managed to get in the row below. I noticed because when I looked up, I couldn't see the audience. The row below had lots of tall boys that I couldn't possibly see over. Nor could anyone see me. I was the only one at this row. I liked that the audience couldn't see me anymore, then I couldn't embarrass myself anymore. Now go back to viewing the stage vertically. I was still on the left side of the stage. On the right side, a row below me began a group of African Americans. They continued for another few rows. One of them was signaling at me. Trying to tell me to come to her, that she had something important to say to me. I knew her. I reality, I knew her from 6th grade. I was in a different school then. We weren't really close, I don't even remember her name. We were classmates. But in the dream she was a random girl. I didn't want to go to her though. I liked where I was, where no one could see me. Plus it was still in the middle of the performance. I didn't want to draw any more attention to myself. And to get to her I would have to jump over a chair in the middle clearing. Yeah, there were chairs there, like the ones at movie theaters. And once I got to her the people would easily see me. There weren't any tall people in the row below her. I changed my mind, however, when a really tall African American girl sat in the chair in front of the one I was supposed to go to. I then went to her. At least once I got there no one would see me. From there the dream was a blur. I don't remember what she told me. Also, since my first big mistake in the performance, especially the little routine I messed up with the girl, our choir teacher would beat me. Like how teachers did to students back then. Even though I didn't see the teacher, I know what she looks like. I've never seen her in reality. She was an old, skinny, wrinkly lady. Her gray hair is back in a tight bun. She wore an old victorian black dress. Long sleeve and turtleneck. And she carried a teachers stick. The ones they used to hit children back then. And I just knew she was glaring wholes through at me backstage throughout the performance. There was a lot more in this dream too, but this is everything about the choir. In reality I do have choir. But I sing good and never had a bad experience with it. All the choir teachers I've had were real nice. I think these dreams have a more intense, abstract meaning behind them. Any dream experts out there? Please help.

I was in a towel and the

I was in a towel and the towel fell exposing my breasts. I looked up and saw my neighbor staring. We made eye contact and they began to pleasure themselves sexually while looking at me. Later on I went over there to talk to my neighbor. I wore a sheer top and no bra, and was very horny. My neighbor tried to deny seeing me, until I told him that I liked it and wanted to have sex with him. His kids and wife weren't home, so we went for it. It was amazing sex and I had an orgasm. I told him I wouldn't tell anyone but that I wanted to do it again and soon.

It was strange, to make it short,

It was strange, to make it short, I was running from someone or something, and I realized somehow that I was dreaming, before I looked info about lucid dreams and know a few tricks to confirm you're dreaming, so I tried in my dream to look my hands, and I did. I asked myself, am I dreaming? And so a ran out of a door on an outer space and immediately looked back to see if that someone or something was following me, it wasn't. Is like I clicked in my dream and the whole dream changed. I saw as well that there's a device you put in your head before you go to sleep that lights a red beam in your eyes during the night, and you can see it when you're dreaming, so I looked up in the sky to see if I could find it but I didn't cause I don't have the device, but I remembered and looked up! Everything inside my dream... I knew I was dreaming. I was tryna figure out where I was and so I saw a door with blurry white letter written on it, I couldn't read it, but I saw a logo, I believe it was 2 triangles with stripes face opposite directions ( one up and one down) ^v ... what does that mean? I've been trying to look for the logo or symbol and I can't seem to find anything relevant...

I dreamt about being inside this place.

I dreamt about being inside this place. It was a two story place, inside a cruise ship. The walls had a marble white color and had had a large staircase that spiraled upwards. I was with my team mates in my dream which was weird since it's been a few months since I've seen them and we were in charge of keeping the place in order. So all of a sudden I see all of my teammates running up the stairs and start telling me that something is going on and we need to take order so I try to go up those stairs but as I was trying to go up, it was difficult since I felt very heavy but after I got up to the very top, I see a body facing down and it looked like the body was unconscious or dead. Two teammates went down to help and see what was going on, they were trying to shake the body to see if it would wake up. Then out of nowhere I see a little boy and little girl running down the stairs, laughing. Then out of nowhere again, I see that my teammates disappear and there was a little boy, who had a bowl cut, with a white t shirt and khaki shorts looked up at me and said, "I'm not like the other kids" and looked at the direction of the kids running down the stairs. He kept saying that and then I see a closet with a sliding door to the left of the stairs going down and I see this man coming out of there, who was only wearing white briefs and sported a short haired look saw the boy but the boy said he didn't want to go in there and I told him, you don't need to go there, stay with me. Then the man the man said, come on, let's go and automatically the boy followed the man inside the closet while holding the man's hand and the last thing he said before the door closed was the same thing he kept repeating which was, "I'm not like the other kids". The dream felt so real, I woke up feeling scared for this kid who I don't even know and I want to know if it means anything.