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One of my enemies told us that

One of my enemies told us that the worst teacher had proposed to her and she thought that it was lovely and said yes. Then there was a time gap and one of the nice spanish teachers had apparently proposed to her, and again, she said yes. I was talking to her about it and all of the teachers overheard and lectured her. Suddenly we were walking up a hill covered in wood decking in the rain with the spanish teachand my mum. for some reason i had my teddy and i dropped him down the hill by accident. my enemy's mum was watching us from the bottom of the hill and caught my bear and threw it back up.

Dropping and Spilling @ a Party We

Dropping and Spilling @ a Party We are at a party and are all school teachers. We are having a party at the home of a male colleague. It is a very lovely decorated home. We are having drinks; laughing; and talking. Our colleague's wife arrives. We are all introduced to her. She is very short and a little stocky; but a very attractive brunette. She seems to have a rather serious personality. She does not have a drink in her hand but goes about the house putting items in their proper place which to her seem out of place. Several women in the group make comment about her stoic demeanor and lack of friendship. At dinner, I am asked to help and am passing out the handsome china plates. He notices that his wife is in line instead of helping with the serving. He says, "well that is what you get when you marry a lawyer". I drop the plates, but they don't break. I was then asked to take a bowl of gravy, and I spill part of it on the floor. As we are seated and mashed potatoes are being passed, I spill them also. I sit embarrassed. One guess says, "We we won't have to be concerned about seconds, Rudy took care of that". I responded by saying, "You are not going to have to worry about your diets today".

I dreamt of cuddling my boyfriend on

I dreamt of cuddling my boyfriend on my bed and he asked me to lock the door I headed for the door and just closed. I was in my golden tazz and driving with him in the passenger seat and we stop the car to take a walk and ended up by a place similiar to a swamp, I almost sinked but he put out a long strong branch for me to hold onto, lucky I found my balance and got out of it, we then ended up in a huge shop where we started buying clothing I bought a beautiful demin handbag and two lovely dolls for my little girl! does this mean anything ?

More than once, I get into my

More than once, I get into my car and an elderly man gets in the backseat. He gives me requests as if I am a taxi, “Grocery store, please” or “Home, thanks”. I am never afraid of him and he seems to trust me. I seem to have an understanding that he knows I am not a taxi but that he needs my help; it makes me feel good to assist him. He seems kind and wise. At one point, I am driving a car and pulling a motorcycle behind me/it. At one point, I pull over and am walking around the outside of the vehicle; aware of the attention the car and motorcycle seem to be attracting (they are lovely and expensive). I get into the car and the old man is now directly beside me and he needs to go to the grocery store. I pull away from the curb but realize I leave the motorcycle behind me. I fret about this and think about backing up; it is not appropriately or legally parked but I realize there is oncoming traffic behind me and I will have to leave it and return to it later. The car has changed to more of a frame of a car; with metal bars giving it shape but otherwise completely exposed to the outside. I seem to be having trouble steering and directing the car; I am not entirely out of control but I feel clumsy with it. I am embarrassed that I do not remember how to get to the store the old man wants to go to and I have to ask him to remind me of the way - - he tells me to make a right at the next light and I do; this seems to trigger my memory and I suddenly realize the direction/store where we are going. At one point, we get out of the car and are in an elevator together – I do not remember if we are going up or down – only that we are on our way to the store.