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Though this dream was flashes of memory

Though this dream was flashes of memory mixed in with dread it make some science. I had just gotten out of an event that I felt I did horrible in. it had to do with pulling out all of our teeth and having faith that we could mix many chemicals together to make a potion that would allow for them to grow back. Not only did I refuse to pull out my own teeth but I forgot what chemicals I needed and ended up making a deadly black slug that came back to life and killed almost everyone in the room. I had bolted out of the room having to go pee really bad. Unfortunately the girl’s restroom was closed so I decided to go into the men’s room beside it. I walked in the first door two find a second door ten feet away. It was weird but I pressed on hopping to find a stall I could hide away in to pee. I walked through the last door to find myself in a dark lit lounge that looked like the like of hide away that was around in the time of bootleg liquor. Black and read are the only colors to show up other than a flash of brass or the deep mahogany of wood. The other thing that catches my eye in the dim lit area is a sign that says all girls will be killed on sight. I look around to see everyone in the room staring at me. I back up to the door as everyone stand and I wait for the worst with eye s clamped shut. “Gregory,” a man’s voice yells out. I peek out from under my lashes to see a man about my age come running over to me and wrap an arm around my shoulders. “Sorry mate I forgot that you didn’t know where I normally sat.” everyone sat back down back relaxed. My savior pulled me back to his booth in’ the corner. As we walked over I got a good look at him. He was tall and well-built with blue eyes and blond hair. We waited to talk until we were sat down. “thanks.” I murmured. He nodded his head and looked around the room. “you are lucky I’m nicer than mist the guys around here. They wouldn’t have saved you at all.” “Then why did you?” I asked curious. A smirk played on his and he grabbed my hands. “I need to tell you something very important. It could save billions of lives someday but you have to remember easily what I tell you. Do you understand?” I nod my head and he leans over the table. Just as he goes to tell me this information I’m shaken awake never to hear the important information.

People were talking to me (I don't

People were talking to me (I don't remember what they said, but I remember I didn't understood, like if it was nonsense or another language). I just stood there and said ''But you don't want to take a blood bath with me. No one wants too.'' Then I walked away to some house and went to the bathroom and took a bath of blood (the bath was filled with blood). I dressed up and left the house, as I was walking, there were bodies on the floor, there was a little girl's one, she had a stuffed bunny. I walked to a big oak and sit there. When I look up, there were many, many, many bodies on the grass, everything was red. I was holding the bunny of the little girl and told him ''I always have to do everything by myself.'' I took a dead guy's body near me and I started talking to him. I said ''Don't I, (guy's name, I don't remember it)?'' I talked to him for some time, saying weird stuff. Then I let him go and say ''Lucky me, dreams are never this great. Feels good.'' Then I woke up.

I dreamed I was napping in my

I dreamed I was napping in my Grandmother's house, in her living room on a couch. She passed away a short time ago. My grandma was trying to walk by quietly like you would if someone was sleeping. I saw her out of the corner of my eye. I then proceeded to turn my head to follow her to where she sat down. I was so excited to see her. I could only reach my hand out to her and she reached back to me. We gripped each other's hands in joy. Her hand was cold and hard, but I didn't care. Then I started to go about my day there in her home. She was like a guardian angel and cared about what I was doing. She made me laugh when I was showering. She kept banging on the shower curtain. I was very happy. I just kept reaching out to touch her. She said I was lucky to be able to experience this, not everyone can.

I recently have just been broken up

I recently have just been broken up with by my boyfriend. I am so so so in love with him and everything was fine and then he randomly dumped me because we got into a little argument but that wasn't the real reason he broke up with me, it turns out he just felt like we were drifting and he didnt want to lead me on anymore and that he was just starting to realize that I am not right for him. Even though for so long he would tell me he loved me more than air and would always love me and he couldn't believe that someone like me would go for a guy like him and that he felt so lucky to have me.....anyway I'm heart broken so bad that I am in therapy and on anti depressants. I'm a senior in highschool and I have to see him everyday laugh and smile, and I go home and cry for hours. So anyway I had a dream first that was me in English class asking him to please consider taking me back and he gave a distressed face to me and (this is weird) I started BEGGING for him to take me back and I told him if he did I would give him all of my weed, I don't smoke but he does and when I said this he suddenly looked interested in me again, not just because of what I had said but he was looking at me with love and compassion like he always used to. Then he kissed me and held me and it was a fantastic kiss that was slow and familiar just like our kisses always used to be it was like our minds were connected and everything was sparked with passion. And then I was smiling ear to ear knowing he was finally going to take me back and we both out on our backpacks and he grabbed my hand in his and said let's go (to our next class) and I said to him that he didnt even have to hold my hand in public if he didnt want to or didnt want people to know we were together yet I was just so happy and grateful that he was taking me back I could care less about what we did in public but he said no he wanted to hold my hand so we walked down the halls and we stopped again and I just squeeled and hug him at tight as I could telling him I'm so happy he was taking me back and he hugged me back and smiled. And while this was happening I was thinking to myself in the dream "is this real? Or is this a dream? I think it's real! Oh my gosh it IS real!" And then I kind of woke up and realized with despair that is WAS in fact a dream but I immediately went back to dreaming and (this is confusing bear with me) I went back to dreaming and I realized in this dream that my last dream was not real and I was angry at my ex for lying to me and saying he would be back together with me and now in this dream he did not. So I went to the bathroom in school and started crying his cousin was in the bathroom (she also goes to my school) and I just started venting to her about everything and then I pulled out my cell phone and called her....even though she was in the bathroom with me??? And now I was talking to her on the phone while she was in the car with my boyfriends father and it was on speaker and I heard my boyfriends father say "yeah shelton he just texted me and said " shelton is having a mental break down again hahahah she's crazy" and so I hung up and ran to my ex and started yelling at him asking him why he was saying mean things about me when I was hurting so bad because of him then the story just dropped and it was two random scenes, we were sitting on the floor by the cafeteria with a few of our friends and I was just sitting there sad listening to him talk like I always do at school and he randomly pulled out a cigarette and started smoking (he doesn't smoke cigarettes) and I told him if you get caught you will be in so much trouble, there is a teacher right there. And he replied to me and said "oh shit thanks" and put out his cigg. Then another random scene, we were in religion class and I was sitting there sad like I always am and even though I knew we were breaking up I went up to him and combed my fingers through his hair like I always used to do and said "I just miss you so much" and he looked very annoyed and uncomfortable and said "Uhm can you not touch me, thanks" and pulled my hands away. And then I woke up. So I was wondering of there was any symbolism in there? Could it mean he will take me back in the future or is this just like symbolizing my desires and then showing my disappointment? Thanks!!

I had a dream last night. I

I had a dream last night. I was on board a commercial flight with friends from my previous holiday (we never used planes on that holiday I may add). There were two simultaneous flights. We were on board one aeroplane and another, headed to the same destination was flying slightly ahead of us. From the window I occasionally caught a glimpse of the other plane. At the time of the crash, we were passing over some very tropical and beautiful scene below; there were many locals, possibly African, sailing in tiny boats and fishing and generally bustling around on the coast. As I looked from the window I could see a vast plethora of coloured sails, umbrellas and people wearing fantastically coloured clothes. It was beautiful. Shortly after, a message came over the speaker system that we would be dropping altitude dramatically, in order to overtake the other plane, as our pilot thought they were travelling too slowly and the best way for us to pick up speed in order to pass the plane was to manage a controlled drop from altitude whilst turning. All the passengers and I had full confidence in the pilot and suffered no anxiety. As we lowered towards the beautiful coastal scene I was amazed by the perfect curvature of the earth that I could see, the sea seemed to bend on the horizon. I spoke to my friend next to me, a passenger called Pete from Singapore. He told me much about the locals below and I admired his knowledge, however the details of this conversation escape me. Soon after, another message came over the intercom, it was the pilot. He was very happy, almost boastful, about how well he had done in passing the other plane, and that now we could continue with great speed on to our destination (I don’t actually know where we were headed). The pilot then added that he was now going to regain the appropriate altitude for the flight and therefore a dramatic climb was imminent. The nose of the plane rose to an almost vertical ascent. So much so that I adjusted myself on my seat so that my backside as, in fact, on the headrest of my chair. Other people stayed as they were, seated as though they were in the carriage of a climbing rollercoaster. This is a thought which occurred to me in the dream, it actually felt like we were on a rollercoaster. Despite this everybody was calm. I had a mild disquiet in my stomach however and my trust in the pilot had diminished somewhat. I saw him as an arrogant show-off, was any of this necessary? A short while later, the plane began to stall and fall from the sky. We crashed into the ocean not far from the coast. Things went black for a short moment and there was the feeling of a powerful impact. When vision was restored however, everyone around me was fine, except I had a terrible dread feeling that people somewhere must have lost their lives, and that myself and my neighbours were very lucky to be unharmed. We all quite calmly unbuckled ourselves from the seats and proceeded to force open the door and slide down the escape chutes in a very orderly fashion. We were introduced to the warm tropical ocean for the first time. I paused at the exit and was surprised to see everybody wearing life jackets. I asked the stewardess where they were kept and she claimed not to know. I checked under my seat and found nothing. Nevertheless, I slid down into the sea. The water was warm and calm; the plane wreckage seemed to disappear instantly. Me and my friends swam calmly towards the shore. That beautiful and colourful scene. We were met part way by local fisherman similarly swimming in the water. They had the look of aboriginal or tribal denizens yet were polite and spoke good English, we exchanged greetings and nothing more as we headed to the beach. Upon reaching the sandy shore I remember seeing coins buried under a light covering of sand. I bent down and inspected further. I discovered that the coins were English pennies, all different types. Upon this discovery I was filled with a terrible feeling that the second plane had crashed too, and that must be how these coins arrived upon the beach. I felt, or feared that, everybody on the second plane had died in the crash. It was at this moment that I woke up.

I am on a battlefield people are

I am on a battlefield people are fighting there are guns, bullets, and other explosives. My boyfriend of 3 years was wounded and he wanted me to kill him. At first I was nervous but I gave in and I shot but he wouldn't die. In this time we were still.talking and laughing but the job still needed to be done I.took a fun to his forehead and pulled the trigger. He died and I couldn't believe it. I was wailing and crying. I tried lifting him up and was hugging and kissing him. But this time he was gone, I couldn't imagine life without him. Finally the dream faded away with me singing to his dead body the song lucky by Jason Mraz, and I woke up crying.