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I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was about to give birth to a little girl. In my dream I had blacked out and awoke in my dream to have already given birth. I was distraught, because while I knew childbirthing was painful, I felt I had missed an important opportunity or milestone in my life. My boyfriend was beside me, and he had told me that I had drank a bottle of wine the night prior, and that's why I was asleep through the process. I had cared for my baby for a while (breastfeeding, cradling, rocking, etc.) and then when I took her to the park with some family, it was as if the child began to grow at a rapid rate before my eyes. First a toddler, then a little older, and so on until the child appeared about 5-7. However, I was still aware she was only supposed to be a couple days old. She hadn't even officially met her father yet! She looked nothing like me or my boyfriend, but I knew she was ours. My boyfriend has near black hair and brown eyes, while I have light brown hair and light brown eyes. My dream daughter had toehead blonde hair and sky blue eyes. She was also really tall (but my boyfriend and I are tall so that part made sense). She was learning how to roll down a hill with some of her new friends made at the park. She was having trouble so I was helping her out, showing how to tuck her legs in and hold her arms forward. After we were done playing at the park, we went home with my mother (her grandmother) and during the way back, my mom had mentioned how my daughter didn't like country music, and I thought that was funny because I too hate country music. As we were about to see Matt (my boyfriend), I called him saying we were going to visit him and when I was describing how wonderful our daughter was to him I could not stop bawling my eyes out. I woke up before we made it to his place.

I always dream that I'm standing under

I always dream that I'm standing under the towers and the smoke suddenly stops and the sun comes out. The towers above me you can see the impacts from the planes but there's no fire anymore and the glass is shattered and lays broken all around me. And then when I look down all I see are people laying on the ground around me I get down to ask one of them what's wrong and the guy always says don't let me die. So I call for help but no one comes to help and I'm the only one there. And then I look up and see faces looking down at me from the windows and I look up and a flag is right behind me so I pick it up off the ground and I hoist it in front of the towers and everyone laying on the ground smiles at me. But I begin to feel a lot of pain in my chest and I fall to the ground on my knees and then a soldier comes over to me and picks me up and says you can't rest yet son you have work to do and then my dream ends

My best friend and I are child

My best friend and I are child spies. Our work is classified. One day, we are kidnapped. My dad is at a golf tournament when he finds out, when suddenly he sees a rainbow glittery cart path. He follows it for miles, thinking it was a sign that will lead him to me. Meanwhile, my friend and I escape by stealing a car and driving without a license. The police are on our trail. We make it to her house. I am inside with her mom, she is outside with her siblings and dad. The police surround the house. We know there is no chance of escape.

My boyfriend leaves to run some errands.

My boyfriend leaves to run some errands. A Beautiful Woman walks up to my boyfriend and I's house. She has two water bottles. She smiles and nods. I open the door and she asks if my boyfriend is home. I tell her no. I ask who she is. She says her name. I tell her I am his fiance. She tells me they go out to lunch often and she assumed he was single. I text my boyfriend asking about it and he doesn't reply. I tell her I can see why he would like her since she is much prettier than me. She smiles. Her friend comes up and tells me that girl really likes him and they had no idea my boyfriend was dating me. The beautiful woman then says "I don't know. Maybe he thought I was a different person." It flashes to my boyfriend, the girl and some of his bosses and people he works with. They are playing a game. My boyfriend and the woman are sitting next to each other and are winning the game. They keep high fiving and then i take out a video camera and start videoing them. None of them know I'm there. I watch the video and I see her reach under the table and grab my boyfriends hand. He looks over at her and smiles and continues playing. I feel sick.