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dream that i saw many open ackee

dream that i saw many open ackee in a ackee tree and i pick one bag full and put it one side saying that i was going to share it. i went back to the tree and started picking some more ackee to give other persons. after picking i went back to mine bag that i pick first but when i went back someone handed me a box with about half the amount of ackee when i asked what happen to my ackee the man said to me you didnt believe me when i told you i was going to take some?. then i realized he was so excited to see the ackee he cook some and eat it with others.

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i was in a house with my

i was in a house with my sister and there was a women and her small child in the home as well. we were trying to figure out how to get the women and child out of the home without a ex beau of mine from entering the home n stealing and or causing anyone harm. we thought we had everything in order and i walk the women n child into the garage to get in the car so they would be able to proceed w their lives as normal. from behind me i heard keys rattling, i knew it was ex beau he was coming up stairs from the basement he was rattling the keys and had a gun. i said he is here and walked away from the women n child so they would not get hurt. i am his target. he approached me gun raised ready to fire and my sister came up behind him and took the keys she also had a gun. i woke

I dreamt my friend crashed his van.

I dreamt my friend crashed his van. Then drove the van into a brick wall that was at a car wash. People came and a man tried to take our IDs but I didn’t have mine. We were waiting for the police but they never came. Then I dreamt I was with my brother and he was driving. We were following my mom to a really big field and I kind of knew they way but my brother wasn’t sure. I hit him and he started to cry. I felt bad because I didn’t mean to do that. We sat there and there were some kids playing football and another guy there with his dog. Then I dreamed I was teaching a Sunday morning class. I was asking for prayer requests and one girl said her friend was suicidal. So I got the whole class to lay hands on her and I was praying for her but she was walking around and I wasn’t sure if it was because she was trying to get away from me. Then my youth pastor came in and started playing worship music.