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I dreamt last night that I was

I dreamt last night that I was at the old house I lived at with my mother and sister but I was with my very close friend laying on the bed and we were eating something but I can't recall what it was,then the dreams skips to me and another close friend of mine fighting each other with knives but we didn't hurt each other with the knives,rather he managed to scratch me with his nails and I remember trying to sooth the scratches with a cloth.In he same dream I attended a weird gathering but in this gathering I was disguising myself because it was hosted by someone that did me wrong and I couldn't afford them seeing me there,I had a whole different name also but everyone else knew who I really was except the hostess,in the end the hostess finds out who Iam and I managed to excape the venue but ran like a monkey rather,with both my legs and hands,later me and the hostess had to sign an agreement,like a divorce,to stay out of each other's lives.I honestly don't know what this confusing dream means

I was in hallway with my mother

I was in hallway with my mother and in the end of the hallway there was a room. In that room there was a person who had a black aura around them and they looked sad and looked like a cursed spirit and then I gave a object to that cursed person and it became normal again. And then again in the room there was this young boy who had a dark aura around him and he looked like a cursed spirit . He looked very sad and angry and again I gave him a object and he became like a normal kid.

I was forced to get married to

I was forced to get married to a North Indian with whom I eventually fell in love after marriage but my father got me married to him for a small work and wanted me to get divorced the next instant after the work is done. I scratch his mother's hand telling her not to do any legal divorce process. My husband hated me cuz he had someone he love. But I loved him with my whole heart and always helped him in various situations. Finally he started to have feelings for me. But in real life I'm just 18 and I don't have a husband.