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I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was laying on the couch watching christmas movies, which i love more than anything. And than out of nowhere I saw a huge spider in the corner of the ceiling, on the opposite side of the room from me. I tried to get up and leave the room but I was stuck to the coach and couldn't move. The spider started to move across the room toward me and I still was stuck to the bed and unable to run away. Then the spider kept getting bigger and it landed on me and I was screaming and then I woke up.

It was me and this guy my

It was me and this guy my age and he was laying on my lap and I offered him a pillow. He then came over the next day and drove a white pickup truck. He said he was taking me out on a date to the movies

In my bedroom, tricorder (scanning device from

In my bedroom, tricorder (scanning device from TV show Star Trek) turned into a person, ran away in fear that other objects of mine would turn into people. My aunt was eating and drinking, claiming to be feeding her soul. A woman in a jumpsuit claimed to have a creature in her throat, my mother couldn't find one, put her to take a nap in my bed and made her soup. The Addams Family in movie theatre,

In the dream, I was watching a

In the dream, I was watching a scene from the movie Spawn where the Violator clown tells Spawn he will come back when Spawn's armor hardens and all but things were a little different in the scene. When the clown stopped next to the garbage can and opens the pizza box, instead of maggots being on the pizza, there were long, thin, stringy worms on the pizza. He says the same bit he said in the movie about hating anchovies and he grabs a slice of the worm pizza and takes a bite and there was a loud crunching sound and the worms screeched and he walks off talking about how it tastes so good he would kick himself (in the movie he said it tastes so good he could kick some puppies) and then of course Spawn trashes the area and talks about getting his hands on Wynn and leaves. Suddenly, everything turned dark for a second, except showing both Spawn's head and the clown's head facing each other with their mouths open as if they were shouting. At the same time, two beams of energy emitted from their mouths and collided (Spawn's energy beam was green while the clown's was blue) and the combined color of the energy shot straight up into the sky and formed a large energy ball. A weird, female computer-ish voice spoke up saying "in a few days, two forces will unleash a power so great that the world has ever seen. During this event, there will be no rejoice, no wedding, no tears of joy. Out of the chaos will arise a figure, which people all over the world will great as a long lost friend. Those that don't are quickly rounded up and executed without warning. Though many are executed, resistance still continues throughout the world." and that's all I heard. During this "prophetic speech" images show of people in turmoil before a figure with its face hidden appears above a large crowd and many began to smile and everything. Those that weren't were indeed gathered up and executed but the only thing I saw them do is put large groups of people onto one big boat and then sink it with all of them on-board. Around when the voice spoke of resistance, a large white rabbit with red eyes was running along a snowy bank next to what I am guessing is the ocean and it appeared to be morning but has a borealis effect going on. The rabbit was chased by a couple of people on horseback around a corner. The rabbit then stopped and looked at them before a group of people popped out from behind cover and fired at the horsemen (whether it was guns or arrows, I don't know nor could I tell which was resistance and which was the loyalists) and then I woke up.

So the dream starts out with me

So the dream starts out with me and my group of friends in some sort of hotel/apartment thing. My ex gf is also there who is part of our friend group (we both still have some feelings for each other). As I'm walking through the apartment/hotel room a kid who I don't know walks by telling me him and my ex gf are going downstairs so I'm like why not I'll come. We come to an elevator, but while we are waiting I notice something strange start to happen to my ex gf. She started to morph into a girl version of her ex bf before me who was a real douche bag, which understandably freaked me out a little bit. The dream then transferred to all of us on the elevator. FYI- me and 8 of my friends got stuck in an elevator at the Tropicana hotel in Atlantic City for 2 hours a week or 2 prior. Everybody seemed to know the deal, as if the elevator was going to drop. We all counted down 1, 2, 3, jump and we all jumped as the elevator plummeted down. When I jumped I also held onto a metal bar that was above me which kept me secure. Falling in the elevator created a huge sensation of adrenaline, like being on a rollercoster, but I was not scared just more of a rush. Somehow the elevator shot out of the shaft that it was falling and we hit the ground in a parking lot. After bouncing a couple times and a few big thuds we landed safely in a movie theater parking lot by my house. It was just me and my ex gf now and we walked off as if nothing happened. She then asked me if I wanted to go to some bullying seminar with her, I then said yes, all you had to do was ask and we started walking together. Everything I look up tells me that falling and descending elevators are negative dream symbols although the dream didn't end negatively and I was not scared during the free fall as if I knew already what to do. Any insight to the meaning s of these dream symbols would be greatly appreciated and if any more background knowledge is needed I'm happy to oblige.

I watched as a group of men

I watched as a group of men had captured a black dragon and had him tied down with ropes and possibly a net. The dragon was the Chinese type that kind of floated above ground. While he looked ferocious, I could empathize that he he gnashing back and forth to escape the ties.(similar to King Kong movies) The dozen or so men were acting like heros, but there seemed to be no purpose in the capture. The dragon and I made eye contact and I swear this creature appeared to be so realistic.

He took me to go see a

He took me to go see a movie. We originally went with a group, I knew he would be there so I dressed super cute. Then when we got there nobody else showed up but him and I. It was a date. So we went and saw the movie. At first he slid his hand on top of mine. He then put his arm around me and pulled me close to him. My head laying on his shoulder. I felt warm and happy. At one point he pulled his arm off. I looked up at him. He put his hand on my cheek and pulled me in. We kissed. We continued to kiss. We made out in the back of the theater. Then the movie ended. He grabbed my hand and lead me outside. He drove me home. When we got there he walked he to the door. He kissed me one last time before I went inside. I received a text saying that he had a great time. I was never happier.

We were supposed to go to a

We were supposed to go to a movie night. And he took me as a date, after tricking me telling me we were going as a group. We watched the movie. He put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. I placed my head on his shoulder. I feel warm. Happy and like time stopped. He grabbed my hand and told me to follow him. He took me to a part of the park alone and we watched the sun set. He pulled me right into his arms and kissed me. It felt as if time stopped. We kissed again. The sun was finally set. We lay there still in the night with the sky full of stars. I was so happy. We dated since.