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Maybe the bird flu ambition transfer to

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Dreamt that I lived on a native

Dreamt that I lived on a native commune. 2friends suffered nose bleeds and the second one triggered an asthma attack due to fear. Before that it felt like I was watching a movie, then I was the person who was giving birth to a baby the size of a house! The birth went naturally and everything went well except that the government wanted to steal her for study. The natives kept us safe. Also, somehow there was alien influence as Some of the crops would uproot and float up into the air and disappear. We started fighting back by jumping up to grab the wheat.

as a child i had a dream

as a child i had a dream that a lot of native americans come to my home at the time to take me away from my mom. when they arrived they lined both sides of the driveway I only remember the one car that followed the lines of native americans. Out of the car came an older native american who ( I even today can picture his face) came to the door and took me from my family with out any fight or fuss. I know we have native american in our family on both sides mother and father.

In this dream I was in my

In this dream I was in my house and I heard like a Ship's horn was blowing. I walk about 100 ft to the back of my yard and was surprised to not only find a large "ark" there but a multitude of people. The door of the "ark" was open and there were people from every nation on earth gathered in clumps all over . They were dressed in their everyday wear based on where they were from. But as I listened to their conversations, the conversations turned from their native languages to English.

I was in this Native American camp

I was in this Native American camp with Pocahontas and her father was telling her something that made her cry and then he started to beat her. Out of nowhere these machine like animals started to terrorize the camp, it killed everyone except for me, Pocahontas and my friend Emily. Some Military men came and told us to follow him, when we did we were taken to a military base and were explained to about the dangerous machine animals. Then men then told us that he had been holding all the Disney Prince's hostage and if ever wanted to see them again we would so what we were told... I saw Prince Adam (from Beauty and the Beast) all tortured and bloodied but I dare not move. Pocahontas and Emily were agreeing to the men while I stood there unsure... The men then killed Prince Naveen, then Aladdin and Hercules, Emily, Pocahontas and I all started to cry in despair. Emily started to beg me to agree but then I woke up due to another machine animal attack... I had died.